April 8th, 2013

Got out to the barn early so I could get a start on studying for my exams later in the week.  Got Libby out of her paddock, and she didn’t have her boots, or her bell boots on.  And the hot wire wasn’t connected.  Hmmm.  Brought her back into the barn to put her on the crossties, and realized it was a new girl working, so she probably hadn’t realized that she needed her boots.

She didn’t want to come in…

 Groomed Lib up and tacked her up.  She was exceptionally clean which I was happy about.  But I realized something the other day in talking with my friend K.  Both of our horses never seem to have stains anymore.  Stains from lying down.  Or even shavings on their sides in the mornings.  Spoke very briefly with the owners husband about it, and he said hes never seen Libby lying down.  This makes me sad, because I know Libby LOVES to dose off and sleep, and she loves lying down.  I can remember numerous times going to ride her at my trainers old barn and shed be sleeping.  I hope this doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel comfortable here, or that she doesn’t get enough REM sleep. 

Pretty girl

Onto our ride, Libby was o.k.. Again, shes extremely distracted, getting fixated on things and not paying attention to me at all.  Its so frustrating, and I’m trying hard not to loose my cool and to keep things light.  I honestly feel like we are at the same point as when I had bought her last summer.  And its really frustrating to me.  Made her do at least one nice canter around the ring both ways without spooking, and called it a day. 

Brought her in and gave her her daily dose of treats.  Hosed her down, and in hosing her noticed something different on her right hock, the one that my vet had told me to watch for.  On the outer side of her hock, there is a perfect circle like swelling.  Called my vet, but haven’t heard back from her.  I wonder if this is what has been causing some pain to Libby, whatever it is. 

Drew some circles to help show you guys

 Another angle

And the left side for comparison

And now onto my new Pros-Cons List

Old trainer/barn:


  • Higher quality training
  • More of a show atmosphere
  • Stalls are way more heavily bedded and I don’t need to keep on top of them like I do at current facility
  • Always turned out with boots
  • Ring is more usable
  • Hay included
  • Access to other horses, should I suddenly feel the need to ride other horses
  • I know all the girls that are there now, and would be bringing K with me with her horse
  • Hot water
  • Farrier can go there


  • Far from me
  • No bathroom
  • Need to make sure no one uses my things, or that things aren’t stolen
  • Shed need to be on full night turnout (not really a con)
  • No real tack room
  • People coming in and out
  • Trainer did not handle herself well towards the end
  • Doesn’t return calls/texts sometimes

Current facility:


  • Great care
  • Always listen to my little requests
  • Very relaxed atmosphere, no pressure
  • Real air condition tack room, with an actual bathroom 
  • Closer to me 
  • No one uses my stuff
  • No chance of things being stolen
  • Always answers texts and keeps me up to date on things


  • Lower quality training
  • People are a little weird around us, me and K
  • Need a new farrier, not so much a problem
  • Ring set up is a bit strange
  • Not a show atmosphere whatsoever
  • Use the pelleted shavings that I hate, and won’t bed her stall as much as I’d like
  • Sometimes things get done but not correctly

Very short lists I know, but I really was drawing a bit of a brain fart.  I’ve mostly been concentrating on the training aspect and not so much the specific points of why I was upset in the first place at the old farm.

I’m going to have a chat with my old trainer to see whether or not she can even take on two new people, and that things need to be different this time around. 

Rep comes out today! Will let you guys know how it goes!


18 thoughts on “April 8th, 2013

  1. Looks like a bog spavin.

    Can you offer to bed her stall yourself so she can have a nice fluffy bed? I HATE the pellets.

    No bathroom? Pee in a stall lol
    Why don't you like night turnout? Does that mean no time in, or in during the day. My horses get that in the summer and they love it.


  2. I think that some of those pros and cons are worth more than others, as well. And some of the cons might improve (like people being weird around you – you are new to the barn, after all). I hope that things work out. It is a difficult situation


  3. I looked up bog spavin too and seems like you should have the vet out. If Hue had swelling/ inflammation like that I would too.

    I second everyone about making sure you look at your old posts from the last place. You definitely didn't seem happy there and in my opinion you are doing to have to compromise some. It seems like the last place you compromised on care and even the training you were getting… You seemed upset by the lack of communication, you weren't riding as much or lessoning with your trainers schedule, and your horse was still getting hock sores from limited bedding if I remember correctly? She may just be over sensitive and I am sure that the stalls at your new barn could be low – the pellet shavings def aren't as cushy…. but I don't think that all of the things on your list correspond to your previous lists.

    I would just take the time to read your old posts – situations like this are after all why we blog. I imagine it will be helpful to be able to look back at your old feelings. Just a couple weeks ago you posted a video of Libby going around at the last show with your old trainer and how unhappy you were about it?

    Just trying to point out the things I have noticed/ read. Hope that it all works out and that the saddle fitting goes well today.


  4. I agree, blogging helps us suffer to greatly from 'grass is greener' syndrome. You seemed pretty unhappy at your old barn, and Libby was getting sores etc from their care. Maybe she sleeps better REM sleep at night in the new barn, she may have been uncomfortable at the previous barn, which is why you saw her always laying down, her sleep could have been in small stents before, but just solid at night now.

    It seems like your trainer and a show atmosphere are the biggest cons to the new barn. Now showing for me isn't big, but I understand the importance of a good trainer. Mine knows when to be soft and when to light a fire under my backside, which is huge. I think if you could work out trailering to your old trainer a bit, maybe you could see if she's better than she was in the end, it would be a bummer to go back and have the same problems.


  5. It is! Seems like I put much of the same things on the new one. And anything I left out is irrelevant now since there are people there, and theres now a groom who knows what hes doing.


  6. I had them put in regular shavings before, but they complained that Libby was not as clean with the other shavings so they switched her back over…. I wish though.

    I do like night turnout actually, I just don't think they'd do it.


  7. Yea, I had called my vet a couple times but she never called me back.

    And very true. Looking back I do sound extremely frustrated with everything. Thats whats so confusing about everything. I just don't know where else to go from here…


  8. As far as Libby being distracted, not focusing on you – is she in heat? My mare was lovely all last week – temps majoring increased last weekend…this week, she is the mare from hell!


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