April 12th-14th, 2013

April 12th, Friday:  That morning was when I scheduled an appointment for the vet to do radiographs on Libbys hocks.  To say I was nervous was a total understatement, I was expecting the worst, but hoping for the best.  So when my vet came out, in good health thankfully, and we started up the x-ray machine, I was waiting to hear the words “bone chip”, or worse “OCD”.  But we found nothing.  That’s right, nothing.  This would be great, except it doesn’t give us an answer to why shes so sore on that hock.  So we came up with a new plan.  Since I was going home that weekend anyways, she gets off until Tuesday, and instead of getting Bute, because I’m too nervous that she’s getting too much for her tummy, she gets Surpass, an anti-inflammatory cream applied to her hock once a day.  Shes also getting this applied to her wither area, where the saddle was bothering her. 

Boo boo cream

So while I can’t say I’m not happy that the radiographs came back clean, exceptionally clean I might add, it doesn’t solve anything, and the whole thing leaves our wallets a little lighter.  It doesn’t tell us why she’s leaking fluid into her joint area, and why shes been sore.  But at least she doesn’t have a bone chip, or an OCD lesion on the joint!! Optimism right?

If I come back to see her on Monday and her hock doesn’t look marginally better, then the next plan of action is hock injections, and testing her synovial fluid to make sure everythings normal.  I had really wanted to wait to do this, but its at the point where shes uncomfortable, and we’ve ruled out a lot of other things.  These horses I swear….

I’m also hoping I can snag a great deal on some BoT hock boots with ISellTack.com’s sale coming at the end of April 🙂 I figure her soreness is a good reason to get them.

April 13th, 2013: I am home, relaxing!!! I was able to meet up with the PJ saddle customer service rep, and got to sit in a few.  Now, I am really hoping that I’ll be able to see the independent fitter while I have this saddle, because the woman I spoke with, and who showed me all the saddles is not a fitter.  I would have to send in pictures in different angles to her, so she could show the fitters that work for PJ saddlery.  And while I will probably still do that, I would much rather have an fitter actually there and tell me what they see and feel.  But I am bringing one home, and not only did I not pay anything for it, they have a great trial program, but she also gave me their Fleeceworks PJ pad to try.  I was pretty shocked when she brought it out for me, but I’m not going to say no! I doubt I’ll really be able to use it though, since I don’t want to make anything tight on Lib.  But here are some pictures for you guys!!!

My bounty
The Fleeceworks pad she gave me, with the memory foam inserts

The saddle I’m trying.

 I ended up going with their Pro saddle, which in the demo is in Calf and grain.  So we’ll see how this works….

Let you guys know how Libby looks when I get back!

Missed this crazy boy


18 thoughts on “April 12th-14th, 2013

  1. Glad to hear that the radiographs look good!! Surpass is good stuff – my horse had sensitive skin (silly chestnuts) and got blisters from it when I used it too often but I bet with Libby's black coat it will be great!


  2. I have used Surpass on Houston's knee before. My vet is a huge Surpass fan now so we have like 3 horses in the barn that have used it for various reasons. Not saying you would still be using the Surpass when you get the boots but you can't use anything besides Sore No More under the BoT (or that is what they advise) because of the heat. Also – not sure what kind of sale they will have but if it's not more than 10% and doesn't include free shipping I would try Adam's Horse Supply 🙂 They are one of the few online retailers that will apply a discount to BoT. The code I used is: missyou

    Hope the saddle works out for you.


  3. Another huge surpass fan, ice used it on my mare from time to time. Side note I was at a horse show today (at home in RI) and saw a horse that was a dead ringer for Libby… So identical I took a picture but I don't think I can get it to post here haha.


  4. Glad the rads were clean but totally feel your frustration. The not knowing drives me nuts. Hopefully it's something easy peasy and she'll be back to her old self in no time.

    Saddle looks gorgeous, hope it fits! Enjoy your visit home. 🙂


  5. Exciting about the saddles.. hoping that you can get the fitter out too!! More eyes the better right?

    I hope Libby is feeling better when you get back!! Yay that things were clean but hope you can get some answers!


  6. Its not, I'm just a big baby when it comes to my own horse. I always think mine will be the one to get an infection or that I'll need to redo them in like a month…


  7. Its good to know, with regard to the boots. Wouldn't want to overload her. And thanks so much for the tip! I'll have to check what exactly the sale is and if there is shipping off or not, but if it isn't then I'm definitely using Adams!


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