April 15th-16th, 2013

April 15th: Got out to the barn to see how she was, and to try the new saddle on her.  Her hocks looked ok, but more or less the same.  Groomed her up, she was nasty, and tacked her up with the new saddle to try.  Got on, and immediately when I sat in the seat, I HATED it, and knew I was sending it back.  Not only was it uncomfortable for me, but I’m almost positive Libby had the same awful feelings towards it that I did.  Rode her around for a little, but she felt NQR so I got off, and had my friend K get on so I could see what I was feeling. 

She just looked hitchy with that hind right leg.  I asked her to get off and we took the saddle off and trotted her in hand, and she looked 200x better, but still.  I ended up getting on her bareback to just walk around, her first time being ridden bareback. She was ok, but I think the surpass that we’ve been applying to her withers was making her tender there, so she was not happy.  But overall a good girl.

We both brought them in and gave them baths.  While we were finishing up with them, I went into the feed room to get their food, but the feeder hadn’t made theirs up yet, she didn’t want the flies getting into them.  So I stood there while she was making them, and she wasn’t using the correct grain for Libby, so I corrected her and she said to me, “I never knew Libby had any different grain.” I was LIVID.  This means that Libby was not only, not getting the correct grain for her muscle issues, but that she was getting two different types of grain switched constantly because this girl “didn’t know”. Called the BO out and had a talk with her, to which she said the girl absolutely knew and that she was going to have a talk with her.  Its a good thing Libby has a strong stomach….

Talked to vet and she told to continue giving her off until Wednesday, I got the independent fitter to commit to Wednesday, to fit her correctly to proceed with riding her.

April 16th: My Birthday!!! Got out to the barn and Libbys hock looked larger to me.  Sent the vet pictures and a video we took of her trotting and she is consulting with a lameness specialists, but she feels it would still be good to inject.  Sigh…

Since I didn’t ride I groomed and we took confo shots of the horses.  And then I watched K’s lesson.  Nothing too much to report since I can’t ride.  Got a text from the fitter saying she needs to move our appointment back to 4, so now I have a feeling shes just going to flake again….

Stand square what??
Wild mane
Wish I was riding her 😦 4/7/13

16 thoughts on “April 15th-16th, 2013

  1. 😦 Sorry the saddle didn't work out. It seems like horses that are NQR is a blogger phenomenon lately! Fingers crossed it's nothing major.

    Happy birthday!!


  2. Happy Birthday!!! Hopefully the saddle fitter won't flake again. this has been a lame winter for so many it seems like. Libby is a pretty girl, hope you can get her sound soon.


  3. Happy Birthday! Sorry that the saddle didn't work out. I didn't realize that surpass could make them sore? Learn something new all the time I guess. Hope that the injections or whatever you end up going with have Libby back to 100% in no time.


  4. Happy birthday! I guess if you can't get a saddle, you will just have to ride her bareback from now on. Just kidding. I hope everything works out and the saddle fitter doesn't actually flake!


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