April 18th & 19th, 2013

April 18th: Today was the day scheduled for the fitter!! Got out to the barn as fast as I could after classes, then got stuck behind a school bus.  But my fitter was there!! And she even got there early!  Yay for people who actually want clients!!

We put Libby on the crossties, and I showed her the swelling spot on her withers.  She check over my saddle, and started telling me all about why shes uncomfortable from what she could feel just then.  My stirrup bars were pointed in towards Libbys back, which was obviously making her really uncomfortable.  So she went to her truck, brought out a wrench, and went to town on my stirrup bars, pulling them just far out enough that they wouldn’t bother Libby any longer. 

Oh saddle…

I then got on to try the saddle, now that the stirrup bars were changed a bit.  Libby was super lazy, but really good for not being ridden in a while! Worked her for literally five minutes until the fitter stopped me and asked if I sometimes felt my saddle shift, which I do, but I always attributed it to the fact that Libby has no withers and is a round ball.  The fitter explained to me that Libbys larger shoulder, her left, is pushing the saddle to the right a bit.  And in doing so its rubbing that spot on her left withers where she was swelling.  So I got off, and the fitter fiddled a bit with a shim pad, and I got back on.  Libby felt more forward, and didn’t swish her tail so much at the right lead canter.  Worked her just enough to work up a sweat and then we checked her back.  The swelling was a lot less noticeable, so the new plan of action if for me to ride in it with that shim configuration for a week, and let the fitter know how shes doing. 

The fitter basically told me that yes, Libby needed a hoop tree, and that while she wouldn’t tell me to not use my saddle on her because the fit was so poor, she scored it at about a 7 on a scale of 1 (being the worst) and 10 (being totally custom).  If anything, she explained that this could be our solution for while I’m looking for another option. 

Was happy to know there was something I could do to make Libby feel better, and now I had some knowledge as to why that swollen spot is there. 

But Libby was tripping quite a bit.  Hopefully it’s because shes due for her feet…

April 19th: Got to the barn and it looked like a storm was coming, complete with a slow drizzle.  So went inside and got everything out, hoping the rain would stop, which thankfully it did just long enough for us to get a ride in.  Tried the new saddle configuration and got on.  It wasn’t too hot, and I was only riding for about 15-20 min, per vet instructions, but Libby got super sweaty.  She was a good girl riding for the most part, but again tripped behind a bit.

Waiting for the rain…

Got off and she was super short in stride, and when I turned her it almost seemed to me like she was off in her left hind.   Untacked and hosed her down (no swelling!!) and took some video for you guys.  At this point I’m so nervous about everything, that I almost want to just go ahead with the injections.  I wish I had a good relationship with my old vet down south so that I could get his opinion, because I just don’t know what to do. 

No wither swelling!


10 thoughts on “April 18th & 19th, 2013

  1. Wow. That's one happy dirty pony rolling in the sand. I'm glad that the saddle fitter was able to give you a temporary fix for now. Why don't you just call your old vet anyway and just explain the situation about her lameness? You don't want to rush into injections if it is something that could be solved by you getting a second opinion.


  2. Holy dusty! That should be fun to clean off. I am glad that the fitter showed and you were able to get a temporary solution while you look for a saddle that should fit her more accurately. Are you still going to try other saddles in an attempt to get a better fit?

    On injections… I think my opinion on this has been voiced before and that I am among a few that think that when your horse needs injections is when they should get them and that there isn't a specific age. Every horse is different. I assume that you trust and respect the vet that has been diagnosing Libby? I greatly respect my vet so when he told me that Houston was in pain and that injections would make him more comfortable I did it. I know that he wants what is best for my horse and isn't taking me for a ride just to make more money off me. Just my opinion though. It never hurts to get a second opinion… Well except in the wallet region!

    Hope Libby continues to get more comfortable!


  3. Glad the fitter made it! As far as her tripping behind, how are her stifles? I know when my horse is on stall rest from injury (ug too many) the stifle strength is like the first thing to get zapped.


  4. oh dirty pony!!! why oh why does that make them happy?! lol

    I guess my 2 cents on the injections is, if they need them then why not make them comfortable… unless you don't trust your vet, then getting another opinion if prob a good idea. I mean in humans, some people can go till they are 60 without glasses and some people need them at 2..

    Sounds like the fitter was a great experience though! That is great news that she could help you out and give you an option till you can find another saddle!


  5. The only reason why I'm hesitant to is because I never really had a need to use him so much when I was down south, the horse I was leasing didn't really need much. I'm going to call him this Monday though, the worst thing he can say is no right?


  6. I seriously think she gets super dirty just so I have to take more time to brush her and groom her. I am going to look for other saddles, but at least now this gives me time, and takes away the sense of urgency to get a new one right now.

    While I do trust this vet, she isn't necessarily used to show horses I would say. Not that there's a difference between the maintenance of a show horse vs. a non show horse, but I just feel like she might be jumping to injections rather quickly. I just am so nervous to inject her, then have it not hold or something and have to do it again in a short amount of time. Injections aren't something you do once and then your done, once you've started you can't stop.

    I am going to call my old vet Monday morning just to see what he says. Hopefully he'll be willing to give his time and knowledge to me.


  7. Me too! And she generally doesn't have issues with her stifles. I had thought that too when she was getting sore, but she didn't show any signs of soreness there.


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