April 25 & 26th, 2013

April 25th: Got out to the barn to wait for the vet, and to see if the barn farrier, the one who had charged me for tacking a shoe on, could fit Libby into his schedule.  I figure since its so hard for other farriers to come to my farm, I might as well just use the farrier that is always there, especially since I’ve heard a lot of recommendations for him from lots of different people.

Thankfully, he was able to fit Libby in.  I got a text from the vet saying she was running late due to an emergency, and would be there in an hour, which actually gave the farrier more time to be able to shoe Libby.  After telling him that I’ve been having soundness troubles with her, and that I want her hind shoes taken off, he asked me to trot her for him.  After watching her go, he agreed that she needed them removed, especially since they weren’t set correctly for her conformation.  He explained with the way she trots, rather splay-footed, And the way the hind shoes were put on, she could definitely be getting sore from them.  He also showed me that the previous farrier was using a shoe that was too small for her, which could also have been making her sore, since it wasn’t providing enough support.  This makes me feel terrible, especially since I truly believed that farrier knew what he was doing… Poor Lib.  So the hind shoes came off, and she will hopefully feel a lot better.

Then the vet got there, so the timing was perfect.  They were running really behind because of the emergency call they had that morning, so there was no time to loose.  She was really happy with the way the farrier did her feet, so that made me happy.  Took the shot of her hock and…. NO OCD! So yay happy dance.  We talked about tweaking our plan a bit now though.  At this point, she felt that there was no viable reason why she should need the injections, although she still would be interested in testing her joint fluid, and she really felt that her random bouts of hock soreness were really due to overcompensation for when her back was in pain.  So we decided on having the chiro out, now that her saddle fit is all figured out, and have her do a real workup on Libby.  If that doesn’t work, we are going to have to think about ultrasound, because her rads are clean.  So chiro is coming out Sunday.

Smooth wither 🙂

Gave her a light ride, since I figured she might be a bit sore from having her hind shoes removed.  She was a good girl, but it was really too hot/humid to do much.  Shes still being restricted to 15-20 min rides, with no jumping, so I really only put her through her paces.

To cool out me and K walked them out on the road, which was big for me.  She was a good girl about it, very alert, but good anyways.  Brought her in and cleaned her up.  Then hustled out so we could go down to Ocala to some tack stores 🙂 Didn’t get anything special but some new Equifit ear puffs to try for Lib, current ones need to be retired, and some treats. 

April 26th: Got to the barn, and got Lib out.  Groomed her up and tacked her up for our ride, complete with the new ear puffs.  Got on and Libby felt great, but obviously showed her distaste for the new puffs.  Welp, going back to the POMS I guess.  But she was good overall.  Much better walk to canter transitions and was moving forward well.  But she still is so sticky against my inside leg.  Just not as responsive as she needs to be.  Well, its something to work on while we can’t jump I guess.  Cooled her out on the road again, which she was again good for, until she gave a good shake and her puff went flying.  So I got off and walked back with her, silly horse. 


Gave her a long cool bath, and braided her mane over, it needs to be pulled AGAIN, but I am not about to start up with that. 

So me and my friend K have been going back and forth about what we want to do regarding whether we should move or not.  I think the quality of care we get at this farm is great, its just the training isn’t optimal.  I really wish she would let us bring in someone, especially for summer.  And now that I know the farrier they use isn’t as good as they thought, and that they won’t allow her to use the turnout paddock all night (only for about 2-3 hrs).  Ugh how much easier life would be if I had a trailer!!!

Oh well.  My fitter did send me a picture of a new Frank Baines Evolution, new model.  So I’ve been in contact with a rep again to see what they can do for me.  I also saw that I-sell-tack had a wide Custom Saddlery saddle in, and it looks nice.  Luckily this Frank Baines rep is also a Custom Saddlery rep, so I’m asking her for info on that brand too.  Finding out answers!!

Frank Baines Evolution


10 thoughts on “April 25 & 26th, 2013

  1. Me too! If anything this has taught me more about how she specifically needs to be shod. And me too!! Once I get back I think I'm going to try the Frank Baines, the Custom Saddlery saddles, and hopefully a L'Apogee 🙂


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