April 27th – 30th, 2013

April 27th: Stayed home studying and preparing for my last finals.

April 28th: Chiro day!! Got to the barn early, with textbooks in hand to read if I had to wait.  Got her tacked up and ready to ride to go for a really light hack just to work her a bit before getting worked on.  She was a good girl, much more responsive to the inside leg then shes been in the past week.  And she seemed to have gotten over her strange aversion to the side where the jumps are lined up.  It was too hot to do too much though, so after W/T/C both ways, walked her out around the property. 

I’ve become a lot more confident with walking her outside of the ring.  I’ve never been a trail person, have always had HORRIBLE experiences on trails, so I never really felt the need to do to much with her trail-wise.  But since it was so hot, and I wanted to walk her for a bit I walked her up and down the shady driveway by myself.  Super proud of myself!  Then brought her in a hosed her down so shed have time to dry before the chiro get there. 

Got a bit of reading in before the chiro arrived.  Filled her in on everything, having the fitter out, the shoeing changes, and on the results from the radiographs.  She did a thorough inspection of her again before working on her, and we spoke about all the things that could be contributing to the fluid.  She explained to me that her joint effusion, which was also a bit present in her stifle area, could be due to the way the old farrier had shod her.  She said it could take several days, or a few weeks but that the fluid build up could go down momentarily if the shoeing was the culprit.  I hope so!

So we got down to business and she started working on her.  She was happy to tell me that her back felt MUCH better since she’d been out last so yay for me!  She found that her tightest, trouble spot was her neck, more specifically her left shoulder, or the one that kept coming up a bit short earlier.  I wish I was able to get video of her working on her neck and back, but I was holding Libby so no cool video.  After that she wanted to work on her neck a bit more, but needed Libby to loosen up a bit more so we used the acupuncture with electric stimulation, or electro-acupuncture, which I have a bit of video of, but its not nearly as exciting.  Still cool to look at though.  Libby was a good girl through it all, which I was thankful for.  Nothing worse then trying to restrain a horse for chiro work…

Needles and wires

 Excited to see how Libby feels after the treatment, and to see if it makes a drastic difference.  The chiro really wanted to come out again next month to check on her neck, it was that tight, but she said to just keep her up to date. 

April 29th: Gave Libby the day off so she could recoup and so I could study.

April 30th: Done with school!!! Woooo!! It was blazing today, and humid so when I got out to the barn, I tried finding things to do with myself besides riding to see if it would cool down a bit.  Not only did it not cool down, but when I looked on the radar, huge thunderstorm clouds looked like they were rolling in.

So cuuuuuute!
“Really mom, in this heat?”

So I groomed her up, and tacked her for a quick ride.  She was so good, pissy about the gnats, but she seemed happier if that makes any sense.  She went forward better, and while she was still a derp about my inside leg, she was still better.  She was look though, which I wasn’t happy about, but I was still happy with her.  So happy with how she felt that I stupidly tried to see if she still has her changes.  What was I thinking right? She hasn’t schooled them in a WHILE and even when she was ind of consistently doing them she was having issues.  But I tried one on each side and she was late behind for each.  My fault for asking too much of her, but I realized it immediately after, did two simples, and gave her lots of pats for trying.  She needs some strengthening exercises when I get back for sure.  Gave her a bunch of treats.  I bought her some Gatorade powder, so I mixed her up some to see if she would like it, and she did for about ten minutes.  I’ll just have to get her used to it, because I feel like she needs more salt and electrolytes, but she won’t eat any in her feed, and while she does when I mix it in the water, I wonder at how effective it is in that form. 

Going to try to fit a ride in tomorrow morning, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to between packing and leaving in time for the airport.  I have a friend going out to check on her while I’m away, but I’m giving her the time off per vet request, just so she can have some rest.  I wont be back until the 12th, almost half a month!!! So until then!!


8 thoughts on “April 27th – 30th, 2013

  1. We used to mix the horse gatorade in our water troughs when we did trail rides in the heat, its all about the proper ratio, but still totally effective 🙂 I am glad we don't get your kind of humidity out here in Cali, you poor thing!


  2. South flo where I'm from is not this bad, but that probably because we have the ocean breezes from the coast to cut through the humidity. Here in Ocala/Gainesville its just super muggy with no breeze!


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