May, 2013

Yes everyone, I’m alive!! I know I haven’t updated my blog in a while, but I’m sort of in a rut when it comes to writing them.  I feel like my posts have become super repetitive, and so I lost interest in it for a while.  But heres a bit of a recap of my month of May:

Israel! I went on an awesome trip to Israel for 12-ish days that was amazing! I made some great friends and got to see some incredible places and experience new things.  If I could, I would go back in a heartbeat, I just loved it that much!

But of course, everyone has to come back to reality at some point, and thankfully for me, my reality includes a beautiful black mare who was missing her momma.  And there was a lot to do!  On my way to Israel, literally as I was boarding the plane, my friend K texted me saying that she’d made the decision to bring her horse to my old trainers place for the summer.  So we made plans to move both her horse and Libby back to the Williston farm when I got back, provided I could speak with my old trainer and get things settled. 

So when I got back, I’d called her and let her know that things would have to change for me to want to come back.  No one was allowed to use my things unless I gave them permission, Libby was going to be fed/turned out however I specified, and the only one to ride her would be me and my trainer.  After speaking with her about things, I felt much better about the move, and so on Tuesday, I moved her back.  The owners of my previous barn were super easy to deal with, especially since I’d started hinting and talking about moving for the summer long before a decision was actually made. 

And while I hate to say that she had regressed at the Twin Oaks farm, in the three days we’ve been back, things have been going really well.  We’ve had jump schools that were awesome already, so it makes me really excited for the future. 

And onto the saddle hunt, since of course that is still an issue.  I had the Voltaire guy out, as I’d spoken about before, and while I thought the saddle was nice, I wasn’t wowed by anything, and it ended up costing way to much money in the long run.  Even with the money I’d get from selling my current saddle, the Voltaire still ended up being 2k + so thats a definite no go.  Two days ago, I finally had the CWD rep out.  Explained all our issues, even though I’d been in contact with him for a while I wanted to refresh his memory a bit, and we spoke about the technologies that went into their saddles.  I rode in it, and I liked it, and Libby seemed to like it.  Should I decide to go with them, they are so generously throwing in a girth and leathers, things I can possibly sell to get the cost of the saddle down.  Their price came out to, with my saddle sold, about 1,000 and then possibly less if I decide to sell the leathers and girth. 

Now, I know this sounds silly but I feel like for the amount these saddles costs I should have sat in one and thought “wow, I love this!”  I always read on the COTH boards how people decided to try a friends saddle and they just had to get one after trying it, and I’m wondering if its just exaggeration on their part or if I just haven’t found the right one just yet.  My saddle fitter finally got in the Frank Baines jump saddles, so on Tuesday I’m going to try them out.  If I don’t end up liking them, I think I might just go with CWD.  Or maybe I’ll look into the L’Apogee saddles again…

Its all so overwhelming to me!!

But I am back to blogging, maybe not as frequently as before, but I am going to make an effort to keep it up again.  Life just gets in the way!!

Nom nom, our last day at the old farm

I know its late, but while I’ve been gone, a fellow blogger, L. Williams, had to say good bye to her beloved horsey companion Carlos, and I just want to say how sorry I am to hear of this.  I’m sure hes having a ball up there in some lush green fields with some mare friends.


18 thoughts on “May, 2013

  1. It might be an exaggeration, but I can say when I went from being a working student with my current trainer and then being a working student with her sister and there were more high end saddles in the sister's barn I was blown away by how nice they were (never sat in a custom saddle before that) and had to have one. After sitting in literally everything I decided that the Antares was my favorite.

    Thank you for your condolences, and I hope everything works out with Libs in the future.


  2. Glad you're back! On the saddle front I think you will know. When I sat in my county I knew. I also knew for sure it was the saddle for Houston. I think people might exaggerate but I truly raved about how fantastic my saddle was- and still do. It's the best things that's happened to my riding in terms of tack. I hope you find a saddle that works for you!


  3. Maybe thats what my problem is, that I've been fortunate enough to be around high end saddles for so long do to my job as a working student, so I got to sit in a lot. They've just all morphed into one to me!

    And thank you, and if you ever need a vacation from beautiful Cali to hot muggy Ocala, I'm sure Libby wouldn't mind an extra person to love on her 😉


  4. Glad your back! Ok, so I have only eyed nice saddles and sat in a few middle road ones, but I can tell you even in the budget range, going from my trainers saddles to my Pessoa was like night and day. Its not even a perfect fir for me, but I could ride all day in it.I think for that money, you should be wowed by a saddle.


  5. Like L, I rode in nothing fancy and when I sat in a nicer/higher end saddle I was in love. I haven't been able to afford a really high end saddle, hoping to go custom next time, but I love my FB 🙂 Hopefully it works out for you too!

    Glad you are back!! Can't wait to hear more about you and Libby!


  6. I'm glad your back! And I definitely think you should wait until you have that feeling of “wow, I love this!”. Hopefully you find something that gives you that feeling soon. 🙂


  7. It's a big decision! That said you shouldn't just buy something to buy something because it is a big purchase. I hate to be a county pusher but did you look into them? I feel like you said you didn't for a specific reason but I can't remember. Regardless I'm sure you'll find something that works for you guys. Maybe you're not as tough of a fit so you don't have negative reactions to as many of the saddles which makes them all seem normal? I am just speculating.


  8. Thanks for the warm welcome back!!! BTW I did see your plug on FB about the hock boots, and those are actually the ones I have! They didn't work so well on Libby though, and trying to find the right tightness for her was hard, especially since the stable hands were doing it. It ended up giving her white marks so I stopped using them immediately after 😦


  9. I used to ride my lease horse in one and maybe because it wasn't custom to me or whatever, I never felt comfortable in it 😦 Glad you found a good fit for you though!


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