June 8th & 9th, 2013

Finally was able to drive back up to North Florida to see my Libby Loo!! Rain held off for me up north, but its still lingering down south, so its a good things I left when I had the chance.

Got to the barn, exhausted from the drive, but determined to see my pony.  I hadn’t seen her in four days, 2 days longer then planned!! She was crusty from being in for two days straight from the weather, but otherwise the same that I left her. Brought her out and gave her a quick grooming so I could get a ride in before more rain.  She seems to be itching one side on her butt, the right side, so shes super dry there, gotta give her a head-n-shoulders bath…  

I’ve been using a larger girth then normal, like 4 on each side, and she seems much more comfortable without any tensing up.  But hey if thats what she likes…. I’ve also still been hand walking her for a couple minutes when I first get out to the ring, which I like to think helps her a lot.  But anyways, onto the riding, she was really good.  Just the right hint of freshness, which was actually great considering I hadn’t ridden in a couple of days.  Just did walk trot and canter before I could start to see and ear the thunderstorm roll in, so I got off and brought her in and gave her lots of cookies. 

Today my plans were all messed up from the get go.  I was supposed to get to the barn early to watch someone try my friend K’s horse, shes putting him up for lease, and that didn’t happen.  Was also supposed to ride early, since its cooler and less chance of the rains to come in, but that also didn’t happen.  Ended up rolling into the barn around 4:30 to finally ride, and thankfully C my trainer was still there so she gave us a lesson over fences.  It started out super dull, with Libby showing off her perfect imitation of a slug. It was super humid, and I was nursing a bit of a hangover, so I like to think she was going slow for me since I was a little woozy, but then again it is Libby and she is just slow naturally.  Started over fences and she was super slow. I had to actually use my spurs which doesn’t happen to often over fences.  But she woke up and we ended on a great note.  A, the girl I’d introduced to my trainer, complimented me on my riding and on how great Libby looked, which is ALWAYS nice to hear.  And everyone always says how sound she looks, since they know how worried I am all the time that shes gonna be off again.  Brought her in and stuck her under the fan to cool her off.  Made her gatorade and hosed her down.  Was so proud of her, and gave her lots of treats and lovin. 

Look at that SHINE!


4 thoughts on “June 8th & 9th, 2013

  1. Now its looking extra awesome because we started adding a touch of oil to her feed so her electrolytes stick.

    I just use the orange powder that they sell at the grocery store, put one heaping scoop into a gallon bucket, and fill it with water. She just sweats so much, and is not a drinker, so it makes me feel better that she gets that after a good workout.


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