June 9th, 2013

Was told to come out to he barn later since my trainer wouldn’t be there, I think she was under the impression we were schooling Libby over fences again.  Then got a text around 12 saying she wasn’t coming out but would definitely be there all day tomorrow.  No big deal but I would have wanted to ride in the morning before it got to hot. 

Got out to the barn, and it started pouring, complete with thunder and lightening.  To pass my time, I decided to take pictures of tack that I need to sell.  I have so much stuff that I don’t use, mostly in my garage in South Florida, and it would be super helpful if I could get rid of it. 

Anyways, rain finally stopped, so I got dirty Libby out, groomed her up and got on.  It was super humid/hot, so I only rode for about 15 minutes, but she was a good girl. A little dead to my leg today, more then normal, so I think tomorrow I’ll ride with my crop.  I just want her walk to canter, and trot to canter transitions to be kept as sharp as possible, and yesterday it was more like a walk-trot-canter, and a trot-trot super fast-canter.  Not very clean at all. 

My attempt at a vine.

Excited for my fitting, which was moved up to Monday instead of Tuesday!!

Some of the tack I’m selling:

  • 48″ used Smartpak fleece girth.  Clean and in excellent condition.  $20
  • 52″ Tuffies girth.  Sort of a knock-off brand from Professionals Choice SMx girths.  NWT $30
  • M Black heavy duty Smartpak brand bell boots.  Never used $15
  • Tall Equifit T-boot Excel Hind boots.  Used, but in great condition, with a small rub patch on the inside of the left boot.  Bought for $180, selling for $140.

No picture of the bell boots, but they look exactly like this.


10 thoughts on “June 9th, 2013

  1. Just another social media site where you take videos and the ap splices them together into one video. Thanks, not having much luck yet but hopefully soon!


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