June 10th & 11th, 2013

Got out to the barn on Monday, excited to have my fitting.  This was really going to be the last fitting I would have until I made my decision about which saddle to get.  Got to the barn, and Libby was gross, so I hosed her off quickly in the hopes that she would be dry for the fitter. 

My saddle fitter pulled up, and we spoke for a little bit about Libbys current situation, how I feel that little shim has made a world of difference and how she hasn’t had any issues with the bump and longer.  The fitter was super happy to hear that, and started bringing out the different saddle options that Frank Baines had to over for the hunter/jumper rider. 

I am so embarrassed to say that I didn’t like any of them.  I tried sitting in the Reflex, which is the most conventionally looking saddle they had, but I didn’t like the deep seat, and I felt like my legs were being sucked in by the huge blocks.  I felt terrible, not liking any of the option, and having the fitter come all the way out.  She calmed me down by saying she had a lot of appointments in the area, but I had her come look at Libby and my saddle anyways.  After she looked at the fit, and talked to me more about how Libbys been doing, she told me that she honestly thinks the saddle at this point in time, with all the things we’ve done to it, is a good fit for us right now.  She thinks the only thing I should really do now, since she doesn’t think a new saddle is necessary, is to get the shimmable pads to ride with.  So now instead of a huge purchase, only a couple new pads are in order!! To say I’m happy about that is an understatement, because now this means I can hopefully show!!

So I’m looking into getting the Thinline pad, either the Comfort or the Trifecta for schooling.  I need to find a fitted show pad thats shimmable though, and I think thats going to be kind of hard to find. 

Thinline Comfort
Thinline Triefecta

Tuesday, got out to the barn early with my friend K to have a jump school, and the power and water were out.  Turns out a transformer blew out that morning so we had to wait a while to ride, especially since the water was out and I wasn’t going to ride Lib without being able to hose her down afterwards.  So me and K went to run some errands in Ocala, dropped off blades to be sharpened and picked up some treats on the way.  Grabbed some lunch too.  And finally around 3-4 ish the water came back on so we were able to ride.  

Libby doesn’t want to work today….

Libby was good, a little more on the lazy side then normal, but good.  I got her engine revved up a bit by galloping down the long side and she was perfect after that.  Trotted all the jumps and cantered two just to keep her mind busy and she was great.  Our first canter jump was kind of ehh, I just got her to deep and she jumped over her shoulder a bit.  But our second one was perfect!! Nice and perfectly even and soft.  I was happy with it.  Real jump school tomorrow and hopefully K will be taking video!!!


13 thoughts on “June 10th & 11th, 2013

  1. Good news about the saddle. Mattes pads are also shimmable – it's just a difference between wool or thinline shims. I had a thinline shimmable pad and it was a bitch to clean, just a forewarning.


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