June 20th-25th, 2013

Slacking blogger right here…. Five days of no posts!!!

June 20th: Got out to the barn and got on Lib to just hack her around.  She was a good girl, LAZY but good.  Obviously did not get over zealous and try lead changes again.  I really don’t know what I was thinking.

Her ‘wounds’ were already healing, with little hairs sprouting, so I felt a bit better about them.  But still, I wonder what happened that she had them… Cleaned tack and had a barn talk about ‘drama’. More like middle school/high school drama…

June 21st: Had a jump school on Libby.  Everything went really well, and we worked on me ‘seeing’ the distances, which has gotten a whole lot better. 

June 22nd: Just hacked Lib, but really made her work.  Did some compression/extension work at the canter, keeping her motor going on her right lead, which shes more likely to break on when shortening her stride.  Did some really clean simple changes, as in canter/walk/canter.

I swear she puts on this face whenever I take my camera out…

June 23rd: Had a jump school with her.  Today we jumped the highest we’ve ever jumped together, and while it really wasn’t that high, maybe 2’9″, I was still really happy.  Wish I could have seen what she looked like over them, but I’m sure I’ll be able to soon enough.  Gave her a lot of treats and ‘sore-no-mored’ her legs. 

June 24th: Gave Lib the day off, but ended up sleeping at the barn the night before.  It was like I was a little kid again!!! Except we slept in a house this time around, not another stall.  Much better.

June 25th: Just hacked Libby.  Was super hot so I just walk trot cantered her and brought her in.  She was stiffer today, but not bad.  Rode her without ear puffs for the first time in months, and she was good.  Gonna try to wean her off of them so they have more de-spooking power at the shows. 

Phew that was a lot.  Still haven’t decided on a half pad/shaped pad to get, but theres a tack sale this weekend at our tack store in Ocala so I’m hoping to see something there, and I really want to get her new open front boots. 


Had to hold her ears up, while shes resting her head on my knee….


13 thoughts on “June 20th-25th, 2013

  1. Glad that you've had some good rides. Do you have Libby on the loading dose of farriers formula? I just opted for the maitenece bc I didn't think hue would eat 3 scoops of it. Well see though.


  2. I feel like they say that you have to keep them on the loading dose for between 6-8 months? Maybe I am making that up though. Heres hoping it works for Hue the way it's helped Libby.


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