June 27th-30th, 2013

June 27th:  Got out to the barn, and went straight to Libs stall to see how the cuts were faring.  Being the terrible blogger that I am, I completely forgot to take pictures of them AGAIN, but they did look a lot better then the day before.  Swelling went down a great deal, and theres already new hair growth.

Got all my stuff out, then brought Lib out to groom her up for a light ride.  Got on, and really only did walk/trot, just to make sure she wasn’t sore from the cuts.  She was good, a bit resistant to bending, but good overall.  Then the skies started to open up with lightening and thunder, so we hurried into the barn just in time for the rain to start. 

Not very much else to comment on.  Overall she was a good girl, and held her stuff together while it was windy and stormy.  I need to spend a day just beautifying her, clipping her whites, and pulling her mane, especially since we have a show coming up. 

June 28th: Tacked her up, checked for soundness (CHECK) and had an awesome jump school on her 🙂 We did one bounce, and two one strides, which she ROCKED! I felt like she was jumping me totally out of the tack in the one strides, which is always a great feeling!  I wish I could have gotten video of it, since I haven’t ‘seen’ her go in a little while now, and I’m really curious to see what she looks like.  Especially with the show coming up!  We decided to try her first with the pelham at the show and see how I’m doing with that, when I get nervous I sometimes shut down and need a little more bit.  So well bring that, and just in case I’ll also bring the full cheek and well see how that goes. 

June 29th-30th: Got rained out both days 😦 Not very happy about that especially since we leave Thursday for the show!! Super excited but still without a pad.  Went to the tack store when it was raining to see if they have anything, because now its really a matter of a time problem and I don’t know if shipping would get here in time, and the only thing they had was an Equifit pad that was $200+ dollars, and I’m not sure I can stomach that just yet, but we’ll see how desperate I get…


7 thoughts on “June 27th-30th, 2013

  1. The weather is funky all over!!! It's crazy hot here.. trade ya for some rain lol

    Hope that you can figure out the pad stuff!! $200 is better then a new saddle 🙂


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