July 1st-4th, 2013

As I sit here waiting for my horse laundry to be done, I figured I should update everyone on things before we leave to go to the show. 

July 1st: Got rained out AGAIN! So Libby had yet another day off, and wasn’t being turned out due to the weather.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get her crazies out before the show…

July 2nd: Got out to the barn and for once in almost a week, the sky was clear!  Groomed and tacked up super quick, just in case the rains came later, and got on.  For not having been ridden in three days Libby was LAZY.  She must’ve thought she was done for the week, because she was not moving going anywhere fast.  She did have some minor spooky moments, those killer birds are super vicious looking, but we got over it quickly and continued on with our ride.  Worked a bit on our right to left change, our harder one, and we still weren’t getting it without a pole there to help us.  Grr.  All in good time I know but ugh.   Shes so auto on the other change its just a little discouraging.

Besides the changes not quite coming together as I’d hoped, she was a good girl and I was really proud of her.  Especially because one of the other babies being ridden at the same time was having a melt down, and Libby didn’t care/notice.  Good girl! 

Gave her a mini bath, and clipped up her whites.  Her hind legs are looking a lot better, swelling is gone 100%, but the cuts are so out there.  Oh well, hopefully the judge won’t see them.

July 3rd: Got out to the barn and it was hot and muggy.  Just did a hack with Lib in my regular hunter pad with the shim underneath to test to see if it would move around, which it didn’t.  So we are just going to go with that then, since I procrastinated, couldn’t find the pad I wanted in stock anywhere, and was NOT going to pay $200 for a pad I use maybe 5 times a year… So yay for saving that money!

Libby was great in our ride.  She started off really sluggish, but I worked on some walk to canter transitions, and some canter-walk-canter changes, and she was great.  Worked up a real sweat and brought her in.  Love my girl!!! Overall feeling really excited about the show, and I can’t wait to get there and ride her there!

July 4th: Happy 4th of July!!! Today we leave for the show!!! Since I won’t have my compiuter with me, and updating this bog on my phone is the biggest headache to me, I’ll get back to you guys on how the show goes next week!!! So excited!


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