July 4th-11th, 2013

Whew where to begin!! So the show was a success and overall I had a great time! Was an awesome little show for my first very away show, as in I needed a hotel room. 

July 4th: We drove up to Tampa, and got in around 8.  Unloaded the horses, gave them each a bucket of water, and started to set everything up.  My trainer wanted all the set up done that night, so that the next day, we could just show up, and ride.  We didn’t end up leaving the show grounds until 11 at night, and we were all exhausted.  Ended up eating at Denny’s since it was one of the only things open that late. 

Leaving the barn to go to the show!

July 5th: Got to the show grounds, and people were just starting to bustle in.  Everyone started to lunge and prep their horses, or some got ready to show.  I lunged Lib real quick, then put her up so I could watch everyone school.  Once they were done, it was my turn.  To say I was nervous was a total understatement, and right when I got to the ring, I could feel Libby waking up.  Once we got into the ring, and I started working her, she started hauling on my arms, to the point where I had to pull up because I was loosing feeling in my shoulder.  Thinking it was my nerves taking over, I started getting a bit upset at myself, since I’d really thought that I’d overcome this nervousness a little bit.  So my trainer got on, and let me know that no, it wasn’t just my nerves, that Libby was just being a bit of a bull that day.  She rode her for a little while longer, then we decided she wasn’t going to get better that day, and we would just put her back and school her early in the morning the next day.

Before schooling with Libs

That night there was some major barn drama that started to unfold that would kind of put a damper on the weekend for everyone at our barn 😦 So that kind of sucked but we all tried to ignore it…

July 6th: Got to the stalls, and gave Libby a quick lunge before schooling her.  I had a lot of time until my class, which was set to run really late (at 8:30!), so I took my time with her.  She was much better schooling, but still was a bit pully.  Put her away and watched the rest of the girls show.  After everyone else rocked their classes it was my turn.  Got on, and the sun had already set so I was riding in the dark under lights which I’ve never done before.  Libby felt a little pully, but not bad at all considering how bad she’d been the previous day.  I was so nervous though, and having the flat first didn’t help my nerves, since I absolutely HATE flatting.  Libbys actually normally very good in the flat, but my nerves run RAMPANT when 5+ horses are all in the same ring together.  She was a bit strong at the canter, but was overall really good, and we came out with a third.  When we came out, I had a talk with my trainer about our bit, and we decided that even though it was technically illegal, I was going to ride with only my curb rein on the pelham.  For whatever reason, Libby was just leaning on the bit with the double reins, and I know she wouldn’t do that with just the curb so to make it a fun show experience for the both of us, we decided to take the snaffle rein off.  Now granted I will not be able to show in this bit at a rated show, but since she hadn’t shown in a while, not to mention how long it had been since I’d shown last, and since I’m generally a very quiet handed rider, we made our decision.  Did our warm up trotting everything and she felt so much better.  Still was a bit ADHD, but she was much more focused.  Went back into the ring for my first over fences class, I was a huge bundle of nerves, and we did AWESOME!  I saw every distance, even the one on a very tight right turn, not our strong side.  We got every lead change, and everything just came together!  Went in for the second class and the same thing, we were on it!

Schooling ring…
Pretty Loo.

I came out of the ring hyperventilating, I always forget to breathe in the show ring, with the biggest grin on my face.  My trainer was so proud of me, and I was so proud of Libby.  If anyone could have felt how nervous I was, they would have been stunned at how well she carted me around.  I am so grateful to have her as my horse, and really think she is a once in a lifetime horse for me.  So she might not be able to do the A/O’s, but I don’t think I could ever give her up. 

That being said after my rounds, I was exhausted, so much so that I didn’t even want to get off of her and walk back to the stalls.  While we were all standing there, we overheard the judge call the lineup on the walkie talkie, and I’d not only placed first in my first over fences round, but also in my second! I was grand champion of my division for the night. 

Now as you guys know, I don’t get to show that often.  When I was in high school, showing was still an infrequent thing for me, and I’d never placed so well on a horse I’d owned myself.  So I started getting very emotional and crying/laughing/hyperventilating.  My trainer took Libby from me and sent me to go collect my ribbons. 

We all went out to Winghouse to celebrate, everyone did great, and more barn drama continued.  There always has to be that one person who brings the whole group down…

July 7th:  Got to the show and I was super exhausted from the day before.  My trainer had left the decision of showing that day to me, and I decided that I should, just to give Libby and I more experience.  We didn’t show until mid day, but I stuck her on the lunge line, just in case, and ended up bringing her back in after about a minute.  Again everyone from our barn rocked it!

My time came and I could feel that both me and Lib were tired.  We flatted first, it was eq on Sunday, and she was great, and we got a 3rd again.  Over fences she listened really well, but I was way too tired and so was she so we got around without an issue, but I got us to some iffy distances so we got a 3rd and a 4th over fences.  Not bad, I was still really proud of her. 

We did pretty well for ourselves I’d say!

Packed up and brought all the horses home.

My personal winnings!

July 8th-11th:  Since we got home, Libby had off, plus I had to rush home to South Fl for jury duty.  I think she definitely deserved it after this weekend.


21 thoughts on “July 4th-11th, 2013

  1. She should be able to do the 3'3″ A/O's but I don't know if she'll have the step for the 3'6″. Honestly I just want to make the tank happy so I'm just going with the flow right now. Plus I'm always over critical about stuff like that, so I could be wrong!


  2. Thank you! To put it into perspective, when I got out my trainer thought I was about to faint I was shaking so hard… I just need to push through these nerves and do my job!


  3. Yay! Congrats! You should be proud.

    On the Pelham… Is it single jointed? Maybe trying a Mullen or double jointed Pelham wouldn't be a bad idea? So you'll have a bit for rated shows? Just a though. Hue leans like a train on single jointed bit and is overall more fussy and upset.

    Anyways good job this weekend! Sounds like a huge success!


  4. Congrats!!! Awesome job. I'm kind of surprised how many are in your flat class…around here there are always over 25 horses!! It's crazy.

    Your nerves must tire you out, you seem very exhausted in your recounting of your show!


  5. YAY for a successful show! I absolutely never remember to breathe in the show ring and always come out huffing and puffing =\ I also totally understand the nerves, but I'm glad Lib steps up and helps you out in those situations


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