Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself

Had an awesome jump school on Libby on Friday.  Started out as just a trot to everything kind of day, since we wanted to make sure her recent fight with the fence didn’t affect her, and it turned into an actual schooling.  I was on it too, which of course doesn’t hurt!

Nailed every distance, and Libby listened to almost every fence except one, which wasn’t too bad, just too short a distance for me.  She was a bit looky and a bit sensitive, but we’re contributing that to the fact that she is in full blown heat right now. Overall, despite her being in heat, despite my nerves, despite her recent fence brawl, and despite the fact that I hadn’t jumped her since the show, she was awesome!!

Just a quick post I know, but me and the family all are vacationing right now in Ponte Vedra for my parents anniversary so I’ll see Libs tomorrow 🙂 Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!


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