So I missed a couple weeks…

Obviously, I’m still not back into the groove of posting everyday, or even every other day. Between feeling in a slump, exams, general school work, rain (oh the rain) and not really feeling like I’ve had anything worth while to post, my blog has been quite sad lately.

Since I’ve last posted not too much has happened.  Thanks to everyone who responded about the various different types of joint supplements.  I ended up going with Pentosan, and gave her the first of four loading doses last Friday.  After the four weekly doses we’ll cut her back down to once a month, and see how things go from there.  Haven’t seen any real affects lately, but its only been a week.

Spoke with my old vet that I’d used at the Twin Oaks farm about Libbys recent weirdness, and asked if she felt that adding hind shoes or corrective shoes would help.  She was very adamant that the shoes will probably not do anything for her.  I’m thinking along the same lines as her, but I do want to know what the corrective farrier would do for her.  I just don’t want to have to pay to trailer her out to
another farm, and then be charged out the wazoo for something that isn’t going to help. 

I just want to do this

I’ve also succeeded in getting her switched to the grain I want! Yay small victories! So now she’s on the Seminole Perform Safe, the same stuff I’ve been wanting her on since I realized she’d been switched to the regular pellets.

I’ve been riding her in a thinline pad, in addition to the small shim pad, and while I feel like I notice a difference in her under tack (at least I think I feel a difference) the fact that her withers have become more prominent and that shes lost a whole lot of topline still worries me.  Also, shes become very active with her tail lately, swishing it constantly whenever I use leg.  I don’t want her to turn into one of those surly little mares that pin their ears and swish their tails the whole ride! So I’m secretly still looking around at saddle options.  Since both the chiro and saddle fitter thought my saddle was ok, its not a pressing concern, but I’m going to talk with my fitter again this weekend to see what she thinks my next step should be.  Also thinking of giving her some papaya juice or aloe juice to make sure shes not ulcery. 

And I did make an awesome purchase at a local tack sale that I’ve been super excited about!

Finally did it!

I’ve been talking about getting these for a while now, and when I saw them at the tack store for 15% off I decided to just go for it.  So far I’ve only left them on her for 30 min intervals, mostly before I ride, but I want to build her up so I can hopefully leave them on her all night, especially at shows.  The boots fit really well, but the stitching is loose in one area already, which speaks volumes about the construction of the boot since I’ve only used them three times now for 30 minutes each time.  Not happy about that… But hopeful that they’ll provide her some relief!

Now onto the riding.  Unfortunately because its been so rainy here, I haven’t gotten that much riding in.  I’ve been trying to work on her actively using her hind end, with trot poles, and shortening and lengthening her stride.  Shes been good overall, but I’ve yet to feel her really use herself and lift her back.  She just needs time I guess.  I’m trying to figure out what could have caused the loss of muscle, and right now I’m pinpointing either saddle fit, or slacking on her flat work.  So while I try to fix one, or band-aid it, I’m going to jump into the other fully.  I’m also trying to sharpen her up quite a bit.  No more dead to the leg mare.  I want her to be responsive to me, and to do things at least a stride after I ask, not five strides if I’m lucky.  I’ve obviously been way to lazy in my hacks with her, but its all about to change!

Hack tomorrow, second Pentosan shot, help girls set up at a show in Ocala, and head home down South for the weekend!


10 thoughts on “So I missed a couple weeks…

  1. That's nice that the pentosan is only 4 loading doses. Houston had like 6-7 of poly if I remember correctly. Every 5 days maybe. It's been awhile.

    On the boots is the stitching loose at the top on one of the strap keepers?

    If you leave them on over night maker sure they are off about the sane amount of time. Houston had a little bit of hair loss if his were on too long consecutively. He's a delicate flower apparently.

    The lost significant improvement I noticed was when I could have them on about 30-45 min before a ride and in the winter. He warms up much easier. I don't really use them the summer months because he would be miserable. Hope they help her.

    Sounds weird that she would all the sudden get very grumpy. I would definitely be considering the options you have mentioned.

    You'll figure it out. And then you guys will be kicking butt and taking names!


  2. With my old guy, I didn't notice a difference post-adequan until all the loading doses were done, so as annoying as that is, I wouldn't make a judgement on the Pentosan until then. It definitely took longer than hock injections, in which I felt a difference immediately.

    Hope Libby's attitude perks up soon too!


  3. Yea I'm excited to see how the Pentosan works!

    The stitching is loose like right under the hock hole, where all the stitches come to meet. Its not too bad, but if it gets worse I'm going to call Back On Track customer services.

    Poor Hue! Yea definitely will take that in mind when using them for long periods of time.

    Its not really all of a sudden, more so within the last few weeks I'd say, I just didn't pay any mind to it really. Especially since she was in heat a couple weeks ago.

    And I sure hope so!


  4. It would make sense to really need all the loading doses on board to really see a big difference. Hope all the changes help, poor princess Libby. i would so write BoT about the loose stitching, they are pricey, they should hold up better then that. To me the change in seasons always means more flat work, wish really is good,,, just not always as fun.


  5. If you haven't already check out my Ride-Light saddle pad review, pricey but worth it (like BOT in my opinion). The stitching came a little undone on my hock boots as well but didn't change the efficacy of the product. I would definitely look at her diet and flatwork routine as far as the topline goes. You can only build topline if you are working topline!


  6. Yea I wasn't happy to see the stitching already coming apart 😦 But it doesn't mess with the use of the boot so I wasn't to upset. I actually love flatting when I can feel the horse really engaging, not so much when it takes more work to keep them just going in general.


  7. I just don't know if the Ride-Light would change the fit too much on my saddle, since its already borderline tight on her. And thats good to hear, I just feel like a product that we pay so much for should hold up.


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