On That Study Grind….

In my small break between review sessions, I figured I’d recap on my Friday ride. 

Got out to the barn and everyone was at the local show, so it was just me, the barn owner, and the groom.  Got Libby all tacked up, fully expecting to just have a lazy ride.  The weather has cooled down quite a bit in the past few days, so a nice chill ride in the cool weather seemed like the perfect ride to go home with. 

But of course as it always seems to happen with horses, I decided to do something I haven’t done in months.  Work on lead changes.  Now when I say “work on lead changes” I really mean I asked her for two in each direction and called it a day, but I rarely ever do that so to me its kind of a big deal. 

After warming her up and getting her to actually move off my leg when I ask, been a big issue with us lately, I directed her down that diagonal and just asked for that left to right change.  And wouldn’t you know she just popped it out! Of course I was going mach 10 a bit more forward, but I wanted to give her every opportunity to succeed, which she did!

Did some more lateral work and then asked her for her left to right, which she got late behind.  I figured our left to right wouldn’t be so smooth, if she misses a lead change thats always the one she misses, but I made her fix herself and gave her lots of pats and rubs. 

Might be too early to tell, but I like to think that the Pentosan is started to have some positive results!!

Have a Physics exam Wednesday night so won’t be able to see her until Thursday.  Might have either my trainer or my friend K hop on her while I’m tucked away in the library, but we’ll see. 


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