When life gets in the way…

Thank you to everyone for the kind words from my last post.  Riding has a way of building you up to beat you down, and its hard to come to the realization that my riding isn’t near what I thought it was.   Adding to that I’d posted a thread on COTH board while sitting in a class, a breeding thread, and numerous people questioned Libbys soundness from videos.  Obviously you have to take the posters opinions with a grain of salt, but considering that I’ve also been thinking shes NQR behind I was a bit upset.  Granted, the Pentosan has helped a ton so far in my opinion, but it makes me not want to push her, and to call a vet I know and trust to come out and reevaluate her to see what I can do.

Anyways, haven’t ridden Libby since Friday, and she hasn’t gotten a ride by anyone else since Saturday.  Annoying when I’m trying to get her back to where she was before, and me back to somewhere close to what I was a longtime ago.

Had an exam on Monday morning, then another one to study for for Thursday morning, then left that night to go on a road-trip to a New Orleans!!! Had an awesome time. Back to riding tomorrow!!

Please excuse my derp face


8 thoughts on “When life gets in the way…

  1. The elusive NQR is the worst. Everyone likes to speculate about what's wrong and give their opinion (especially when they can do it safely behind their computer screen!).


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