New Beginnings

First off, let me just apologize for how terribly sad and confused my last post sounded.  At the time, I really was so confused with everything.  I knew something had to change, but I honestly didn’t have the courage to take the plunge and move her.  I felt like I could be moving into another place with different problems, and the people around me kept whispering in my ear how I was overreacting, how any other place is going to have its problems. 

When I got back after my “two week” hiatus, Libby looked worse then ever.  She’d dropped at least 100 pounds, and her feet looked absolutely terrible.  I’d mentioned to my trainer that she didn’t look right, to which she’d reply that she was fine, and that I was looking for things to be wrong with her.  At that point my self-confidence was at an all time low, and I knew that she wasn’t right.  She was sore, her feet were awful, but the so-called professional that I paid to give me sound advice was making me feel like I had no idea what I was talking about.  I think by the second day of being back to riding, I’d already decided that I wanted out.  I called my new trainer and told her, and had her out within two weeks.

Let me tell ya, the moment Libby got off the trailer to the new property, I breathed the biggest sigh of relief.  My new trainer and I spoke of all my concerns and everything that I wanted to get sorted out with Libbys feet,training, and veterinary care.  She did a body scan on Libby, and poor Lib was sore in almost every region tested through her back.  We set up a much needed farrier appointment for the next day, and were going to have the vet/chiro out this week, after my last final exam.  So things are getting done, and moves are being made to get to the bottom of Libbys funkiness.

Sunday, first day we got there, we turned Libby out and she was WILD.  I’m pretty sure she hadn’t been turned out in 4 days prior to me moving her, and adding to that the fact that I also hadn’t ridden her in 3 days because of finals, I opted to let her settle a bit more until I hopped on her.  Let her get her yayas out and I went on a trail ride on the resident schoolie around the community. 

Monday, got on her early in the morning, and was really expecting the worse.  She was acting super girthy when I tacked her up, and was about 2 hands taller then normal.  Walked her around a bit, and hopped on.  And wouldn’t you know, she was FINE! More forward then normal but no spooking, no bucks, and no cold-backed scoots.  I need to trust my girl more… Gave her a pretty easy ride, then came in and had another talk with my trainer, who’d been watching her while I rode. She agreed that she looks overall very weak, especially in the hind.  So it gave her a little idea of what we had to work on.  Gave her a bath after the ride and grazed her.  In just one day, her hock sores are already starting to heal.  We then went for lunch and I waited for the farrier to arrive.

It was one of the longest farrier visits I think Libbys ever had.  When he first looked at her feet, he instantly talked about all the things she needed to have changed to make her more comfortable.  It seemed like the list went on and on! Thankfully though, he never once asked who I used or where I was, he seemed to just genuinely want to help Libby.  Afterwards, her feet looked AWESOME.  HE had me trot her afterwards, both away and toward him, which was great to see.  We still have probably a few more farrier visits until her hooves are exactly where he want them, but it all makes me very excited for things to come for us!

Today, got Lib out and she seemed much more relaxed.  Trainer suggested I try a German martingale, so got her tacked up and got on.  Libby was nooooot happy that she had to work her hind end, but I could actually feel her trying to engage, which is a step in the right direction.  I didn’t work her too much, since she is pretty sore, just enough to test the waters.  My trainer was very happy at how she looked today though, which was great to hear. 

As far as I’m concerned I should’ve made the move ages ago.  I’m just so excited for what the future hold for us!

Here are some pics from the new GORGEOUS farm:

On the way…

Backside of barn

Lib out in her paddock

All that grass!

Another shot of the barn

Our ring

Happy pony waiting for the farrier

View of the ring from the front of the barn



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