Back cracks and comebacks…

Thursday wasn’t able to ride or go to the barn.  Had my last final of the semester, but thank god I’m done and have myself a lengthy break, I seriously need the down time for my brain. 

Got the text Thursday morning that the vet/chiro could come out Friday in the early morning, so of course I answered quickly, and said I’d be there. 

Got to the barn early, and watched an early morning lesson while waiting for the vet.  Mother nature decided to let Florida catch up with the rest of the country, and our lovely 80 degree weather was gone, replaced with wind and a freezing 45 degrees.  Vet arrived and I quickly spoke with her about all of Libbys history, everything covering her weird lameness she had last winter/spring, and her recent loss of weight.  She immediately went to work on Lib, and when she worked on her back she explained how she didn’t necessarily think Libbys back was so tense, as I was previously told by my previous chiro, but that she was really “stuck”.  We all heard several cracks until she moved on to other parts of her body.  One specific part that she’d never had done before was her sternum.  I spoke to her about Libbys history being cold-backed, and she immediately wanted to check her sternum.  She was totally out, and the crack that came from readjusting her was super loud.

After that it was all licks and nuzzles from Libby.  I turned her out afterwards and was instructed to give her the day off and tomorrow off.  Lucky lucky loo. 

She definitely doesn’t mind

Tomorrow I have to run errands, and then we’ll be going to the horse show to watch 🙂


8 thoughts on “Back cracks and comebacks…

  1. Hues had his sternum out before. I would girth up really slow if I were you. My chiro even recommended lunging one day without tack, then lunging with tack, then riding but Houston also had a rib out so that might have contributed. Hopefully the adjustment makes her feel better 🙂 the sternum is a tricky one and when Houston's was adjusted I noticed a significant improvement In his demeanor.


  2. Hi Shelley,

    I tried posting a comment, but maybe Blogger ate it. I have a Samshield helmet that doesn't quite fit my head. I'd be willing to sell it to you if you are interested. It is 6 3/4 or 6 7/8. My e-mail is if you'd like to contact me.


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