Where’d this year go???

Thursday had my last lesson before I went home down south for a couple of weeks for break.  Libby was WILD, and while we contained her energy for the most part, thanks to a new bit and more suppling exercises, I know my trainer had wanted to try some jumping but Lib just wasn’t playing.  We worked over a ground pole, to which you would think she would be easy for, but she kept running at the pole like it was a huge fence.  We worked on getting her attention on me, doing transitions right before the pole to keep her thinking, and eventually she was somewhat acceptable.  Then we changed direction, and it was like starting all over again. 

My trainer remarked on how much work she really needs, which is something I’m now really coming to realize.  At the old barn, while she was being quiet and good, we weren’t really asking much of her.  I’d been instructed to allow her to trail her hind end, and to let her essentially rely on me to pick herself up.   When I think back on it, every time I’d actually tried doing any sort of lateral work or any sort of advance work with her, I’d had a bad ride.  Because Miss Libby doesn’t like to work.  She doesn’t quite like being told she has to use herself, and she doesn’t like being told she needs to pick herself up, and not rely on me to do it for her.  This is baby stuff yes, but stuff I’d honestly thought we’d gotten past since the first summer I’d had her.  But no, we’d just band-aided the situation by not asking much of her, not pushing her, and by using a bit configuration that kept her in control.

This upsets me to no end, because I’d thought I was doing right by her.  But hindsight is 20/20, so now we have to work with what we’ve got.

Anyways after working over the pole, we started to incorporate a little crossrail into the mix.  She was fast, she was heavy, and we were back to square one.  Frustrating.

To top it off, while we were walking out, after she’d been working up a sweat for over an hour, she spooked at the handyman putting up Christmas lights, and had a meltdown.  UGH these horses I swear.  I came off, landed right on my butt, and she continued to have a come apart.  My trainer rushed over to see if I was ok, I was fine, and asked if shes done this before, which she has.  She then asked if I ever thought of making her a jumper, since she seems too hot to be a hunter.

Music to my ears!! NAHT!

Of course, I got right back on to walk her around, can’t let her think that was an acceptable way to end our ride, and brought her in.

Unfortunately, that ended up being the last ride I had before I left for break because I had so much to do before I left the next day.

Libby will get some training rides while I’m gone, and then I’ll be back probably the 3rd!  We obviously have a lot of work to do entering the New Year, but I’m optimistic! We’ve got time 🙂

Still can’t believe were going into 2014, and that I’ll be graduating from undergrad in just months!!!  Lots of exciting things to come!

So happy holidays everyone! And hope you all have a happy new year!!!


5 thoughts on “Where’d this year go???

  1. Sorry you had a tumble 😦 hope you have a nice break. If I can give you any comfort with the been there and it will get better talk I will. I was where you are 3 months ago. Things have gotten so much better for me. Libby might be fine for the hunters once she accepts that she has to work and use herself. Houston took some adjusting to that too. He would happily plod around if I let him but not so happy about the work when he was weak. Practice makes perfect 🙂


  2. ugh about the fall and attitude BUT yay that you have a trainer who is addressing these things and isn't just sugar coating things to keep you as a client.

    Hopefully the break is nice and you can get some down time and come back renewed and ready to whip miss Libby isn't shape 🙂


  3. I think she'll settle in and slow back down. Eventually all the hard work won't be so hard anymore then she (hopefully) won't get so pissy about it. I think most of us can commiserate. Glad you weren't hurt, have a great trip, Happy Holidays!


  4. Wanted to lend another +1. Miles (even though he's 8 and is decidedly NOT green) is having trouble with having to work and use his body properly.

    Might not make you feel any better, but you are certainly not alone!!


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