Review of 2013

In reading over my old posts, I so wish I knew then what I know now.  Again, hindsight’s 20/20, but when I read over some posts I can’t help but scream to myself.  Anyways… here it goes…

January: Much of January consisted of me mulling over my decision to leave my old trainer the first time.  Things of mine went missing, were used when they shouldn’t have been, and I was always riding alone.  I had made my decision to move her, but was still very apprehensive about it. 

Looking back, I’m glad I’d made the decision to move, but I should have moved to a place where I liked the training.  It didn’t make sense to move somewhere where I didn’t like the trainer.  And while I had thought at the time that I would be able to trailer to my old trainer, I shouldn’t have relied on other people for that.  I wish I had moved to my current trainer, but at the time the facility was even farther then it is now, and it was a much smaller operation so there wasn’t an actual ring, just a field.  I could’ve made it work though, but I’d been so brainwashed, yes brainwashed, by my old trainer into thinking that no other trainer in the area was good and that she was the only one who could help us.

February: February was the month we had the show, and when I read my posts about it, I can’t believe I ever thought about going back in the first place.  This was when some issues were coming about in Libbys training, namely her changes and her weird half steps she would take in front of the jumps, and while I thought to myself that something was wrong, I was told she was fine and that I shouldn’t worry.   

 FLAG #1! I’m her owner, I have every right to worry when something just isn’t working.  I knew it had something to do with the fact that I’d been pressured into putting hind shoes on her, but my self-confidence was cut down and I thought maybe I didn’t know as much as I thought. 

The show was a bust, and while I continued to be upset at Libbys obvious lack of solid training, things I now can see plain as day were due to the fact that she wasn’t trained to use herself correctly, I couldn’t get over the obvious lack of professionalism and the favoritism for certain horses from my old trainer. 

I left in the middle of the month to the new barn, without a lot of my things because they went ‘missing’.

FLAG #2! How in the world horse blankets, halters, and other horse things can just go ‘missing’ is beyond me…

So moved into the new farm, where Libby started having soundness issues.  Gave her some time off and reevaluated her.  Nothing was found, no soft tissue damage, no arthritic changes, so we changed around her feed and supplements and slowly brought her back into work. 

March: Libby turns 6! Got Libby back into work and started having a couple lessons with the trainer at this farm, to which helped a little bit but I expressed my feelings with her on not liking the 1-reined stops.  Libby continued to have issues with getting her hind end underneath herself, and she continued to lug me around. 

She did have her first chiro work done and I learned that I needed a new saddle… NOOOOO!  Had a lot of traveling so not a lot of posts.

April: April consisted of a lot of saddle frustration and a lot of going back and forth about moving Libby again.  I’d even contacted that trainer about turnout options for Libby, to which I’d gotten a nasty reply back.

FLAG #3!
Unprofessional catty messages should’ve deterred me immediately but I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. 

Tried some different saddles but still couldn’t make my mind up.  Libby got shoes taken off and I got a little braver. 

May: May consisted of a lot of traveling, between Israel and my brothers wedding, so I didn’t post at all in May.  Had the CWD fitter out and really liked their saddles, but was still torn.  Made the decision to move back to old trainers, kicking myself right now, and got things squared away for that.  Was assured by old trainer that things would be different, that everything I wanted would be done.

June: June consisted of more rides, which seemed to be getting better at the time, and more uncertainty with regards to saddle fit.  Had the fitter come out to look at some other saddles, Frank Baines, and again didn’t like them at all.  Ended up purchasing the Thinline trifecta pad with the shims.

Libby got ‘caught’ in the fence, and had cuts all over her hind legs.  Was reprimanded for trying to clean her wounds…

FLAG #4! First off, if my horse gets caught in a fence, I’d expect a call or text from my trainer, not to find out when I show up! And if I deem it necessary to clean a wound off, or to apply a wound salve, theres no reason to be nasty about it! Theres two ways to skin a cat if you get my drift.

Got ready for the show in the beginning of July…

July: July started with a lot of barn drama, but also with an awesome show in Tampa.  My hopes of us becoming a show team were rekindled.  Then my blog failing ways started and I stopped blogging.  The stress and overall unhappiness from the barn started affecting me in my other aspects of life, and I knew Libby was still NQR.

August, September, October, & November: Wow I was really slacking these months.  In my defense, I was so upset and confused about everything that had to do with the horses, I put it all out of my mind.   It was during this period that I really decided to leave and so thankful I did. 

December: I moved!!!  And have been so much happier since! Such a breath of fresh air to be in a place without drama, where the well fare of the horses is REALLY what its all about.  In just a month of being at the new place, Libby feet are on the right track, had the chiro out, and while were discovering her holes in training were a lot more expansive then I ‘d originally thought,  but I think I’m in such a better place now to really do some concrete training on her.

In reviewing all my old posts, I can’t believe you guys are still following me!  They sound like such depressing, pessimistic posts, and on that I’m truly sorry!  Optimism has never been my strong point, but there’s always room for improvement.

So with that, I know long post, heres my new years resolutions!!!

  1. I need to be more optimistic when it comes to everything! It’ll all work out in the end, and everything happens for a reason.
  2. Work on engaging Libbys hind end.
  3. Be more confident in myself, and in my riding.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to my list, but that looks like a good starting point! What are your new years resolutions??


6 thoughts on “Review of 2013

  1. When shit hits the fan, it's really hard to blog. But while you were away I've been thinking about you and Lib and I'm so, so glad you are both in a better place!

    Things are already looking up, and even when you fall again (because that's life!) we will all still be here to help you back up 🙂


  2. Seriously though, it really does. If it wasn't a horse issue, it was something else this past year. But I really appreciate all the support you guys have given me! Crazy how tight nit of a group we can become, without even having met each other in person!


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