If Only, If Only…

When I saw the new $100,000 blog hop, I knew I wanted to do it.  Kind of scary how everyone can so easily spend that chunk of cash, but in this sport money is necessary.  So here goes my list!

First, I would buy a custom saddle.  So original I know, but really necessary for me and Libby. – $5,300 (since I want calf)

We already know my specs!  

Then I’d like to get whatever vet things she needs out of the way.  This might seem like a boring thing, but I want to know whats going on.  NOW.  I’ll give $1,000 to this.

Then USEF memberships, hers and mine included.  I’d do the new 3 yr option for me, just because the thought of paying out $2,500 at once to USEF kills me, and lifetime for Lib.  So in all $365

Next, a truck and trailer.  This might seem like an unnecessary buy for some, but it would really save me money hauling and stabling.  I have a friend now that can trailer for me, but her trailer is too small for Libby and her horse, so ownership it is for me.  I’d like:

A lightly used GMC Sierra 1500 or a Chevy Silverado 1500.  Basically the same vehicle.

 And for the trailer, I’d like to find a lightly used 2 horse slant or straight load, with the option to convert into a box stall. Also would like a small tack room, escape door, ramp, and fold down windows.  I’m giving this a full budget, yes budget, of $35,000.
After that, I’m going to use $6,000 to outfit myself in all the EIS shirts, Hayward jackets, Samshield helmets, and TS trophy hunter breeches I need.  Adding in custom boots, Parliantis or Tuccis, that I would only wear for shows.  And I’d like to buy Libby a new bridle, girth, and boots so throw that in the mix.

The rest, about $53,335 would go to the daily up keep of Libby with a couple shows thrown in the mix.  I want to take myself off my parent payroll as soon as possible, so that would help out a lot.  Practical me is too practical.


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