Bad Blogger Is Very Very Bad…

Whoops.  My sad little blog has been so lonely for the past few days weeks. Getting back into school, going to watch barnmates at horse shows, and just being extremely busy and running around like a chicken with its head cut off is ultimately to blame.  Since I missed quite a bit, I’m just going to give you guys the low down of my present happenings.

On Lib:  Lib has been doing ok.  She had a week where she was being AWESOME, but now shes decided to save her good days, well most of them, for when we have lessons.  I can’t really complain about that, but I’d like to have my sane horse ALL THE TIME PLEASE! Anywho, had the new chiro/vet out, and he told us things we already knew, that she is very one sided, and gets stuck on the right side of her vertebrae going from the poll extending all the way down her spine.  While he thinks it might just be her, the saddle for sure isn’t helping.  He did check the usual points for ulcers, and really didn’t think she was a candidate for them.  She only “tested” positive in one spot out of the three, and its on her girth area, a place where shes always been sensitive.  So while that means were not going to put her through the stress of bringing her to the clinic, sedating her, and doing all that to scope her, I am thinking of putting her on Smartgut or Smartgut Ultra just in case.  Anyone reading have any experiences, good or bad, with the Smatgut line??

On the saddle front: My saddle is now FOR SALE!!!

Tell you friends, your neighbors, tell everyone you know, because I need it outta here! After being told by numerous knowledgeable saddle consignment dealers (iselltack, high end used saddles, fine used saddles) that most people are sticklers for the age of a saddle, I had to lower my price.  Oh how painful that was.  I still have it priced higher what they’ve told me to price it at, but thats with the hope that the people of Ebay can see how beautiful of a saddle it is.  I mean come on:

As a replacement for this saddle, a new custom CWD is in order.  Things haven’t been finalized yet, but I’m doing everything in my willpower to get this done.  Poor Libby can’t deal with an ill fitting saddle any longer.  Plus they’re giving me a discount so I want to jump on that before they’ve decided I’ve dragged them around enough.

The weather this week has been awful, so no riding for the past two days for me.  I was supposed to follow the barn down south this weekend to go visit home and watch them show at WEF for the weekend, but I decided last minute to stay to ride, especially since I have training at my new job.  Yes job.  Nothing fancy, and I definitely couldn’t support Libby on it, but its something right?

Other then that, I finally purchased my new helmet.  Best fitting helmet I’ve had ever.  Bold statement but the truth.  If your in between the GPA and CO fit wise, I’d look into the Samshields. 

Thats all I got for now.  Keep you guys updated!


19 thoughts on “Bad Blogger Is Very Very Bad…

  1. So jealous of your soon-to-be custom CWD… and I can't believe that people care THAT MUCH about the actual model year… especially when your saddle looks brand-spanking new!!


  2. For ulcers, SmartGut Ultra is not going to do much in treating current ulcers. It's more of a preventative and a “soothing” of ones she already has. If you believe she has ulcers, hit her with a round of GastroGard and follow up with SmartGut Ultra.


  3. Saddle year makes a huge difference butet or not. especially with the foam saddles from what I can tell. My basically brand new county will be sold at a price that makes me want to cry simply because no one will look at it if I don't drop the price. The consignment places are normally right however I am not willing to go to their price and only get a portion of the money! Can your trainer take your saddle to shows and try to sell it? Or would cwd take it on trade?

    Exciting about the new saddle!


  4. I think so. The custom saddle would have all these special cutouts and things to accommodate her sensitive back, so I think that'll help a great deal with her attitude right now.


  5. I can't understand it either, especially in a saddle brand that is relatively unchanged. I was told by the used saddle consignment sellers that I might not even get 3400 for it. MIND BOGGLING!


  6. I don't think she necessarily has them now, especially since two separate vets did ulcer and guttural tests on her, and she was negative for both vets. It would be more so for prevention and regulation.


  7. Which doesn't make sense to me. You just purchased yours yesterday I feel like. Thats one thing that makes the thought of buying a new custom saddle make me cringe is that the saddles are worse then cars in that drop in value right after purchase.

    And I'm not willing to go to their prices either… We'll see how long my stubbornness will outweigh my pure need for money for the other saddle. I'm going to post fliers at the show. And CWD quoted me 3000 for trade in value, but they told me I could very well get more.


  8. Oh to be able to saddle shop in that price range 😦 Ah mares, so hard to tell if they are hurting or just fussy sometimes. Hope you get your new saddle soon so you can write that off the list. I keep hearing Samshield are awesome, some day here I will have to get a better fitting helmet, it is kinda annoying to have it drop into my eyes while jumping 😛


  9. Believe me, I understand on the saddle front. Libbys just so sensitive, it might save me some future injuries if this gets sorted out. And yes I'd try to try those helmets on. Love the fit.


  10. Man if devoucox had offered me 3 I would have taken it and ran. And my saddle is easily worth 4. But people aren't buying used for less than 1000 under retail. The people that have the money to buy the saddles are willing to spend that bit more to just get a new one. 😦


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