Constant Game Of Catch Up!

If anyone has stuck around through all my waffling around and lack of posting, I thank you! With school, work, and the horses its been very hard for me to find even a moment to sit down to relax and even look at everyone elses blogs, let alone update my own!  But with that, I have a lot of updating to do for you guys…

After my last post I had a lesson on Monday and while Libby was awesome, and overall listening and being attentive to me, I let my nerves get the best of me and got pretty frazzled at one point.  Not much else to comment on that but I do have some video for you guys!  I’m pretty embarrassed by my riding in this, but oh well.  We all have these days right?

There was a bit more riding with nothing really memorable.   Libby has been more and more rideable, and even when she seems to be having a crazy day, she has been holding it together much better. 

Sunday the 16th I got on and she was kind of off.  Trotted her for the owner and she said that yes, she was a bit short but it was very slight.  So I got off and gave her a bath, and chalked it up to her just being wild and crazy in the paddock, especially since they’ve switched her to night turnout so maybe she was getting her crazies out.  Of course, after having the chance to think about it, I go into panic mode fast, and asked if we should have the vet out.  But my trainer assured me to not jump the gun, and see how she is in the next couple of days.

Monday I came out and trotted her in hand and she didn’t look too bad again, but when I turned her tight, she was visibly off.  The farrier was there, so I had him hoof test her for me.  She tested a bit positive on her front right in the left bar, so I started caring for her as if she had an abscess.  Soaked her and wrapped her up, the usual abscess stuff.

Thursday I had an exam so I couldn’t go out Wednesday or Thursday, but I was told she looked sounder on Thursday, so I was hopeful. 

Got there on Friday and it started POURING so I couldn’t even see if she was lame or not.  Same with Saturday, it was like as I’d tack up, the skies would open.  Finally Sunday I was able to tack up and got on and unfortunately, she was still weird and off, so I got off and called my trainer.  She said to give her some bute, and we’d have the vet out that week.  I groomed her up and put her back, expecting the worst. 

Vet came out Tuesday, and we did a full work up.  Blocked her hoof, then half way up her cannon, then the full ankle joint just under the knee,  and she was better, but he said he was “being distracted by the lameness she’s presenting behind”.  NOT what an owner wants to hear.  It had gotten dark so we planned to continue on Thursday.  I can’t get out to the barn on Thursdays though, so I called the vet and spoke with him about our options.  To him, he didn’t think it was bone related in front, but he was really curious about her hind now.  I told him how just last year she’d had some issues (click here for that) to which I had her hocks radio-graphed and the x-rays showed nothing.   I was able to get those x-rays for him and switched our appointment to Friday, because I just really wanted to be there, and after speaking with him, my nerves were on edge.

Friday came around and the vet came and started to re-evaluate her.  I showed him her x-rays from the previous year to which he said she really did look clean.  We then did some more flexions, which thankfully her front end looked a lot better.  Bet her hind was still bad, and after doing stifle flexions, which I don’t think we’ve ever had done, she was OFF.  There was such a noticeable difference from her stifles, not so much her hocks, that we decided to x-ray the stifles and inject.

Yes, I just went for it.  I didn’t hum and haw about the decision, I just did it.  Even though her x-rays didn’t show to much, pretty clean aside from a couple tiny spots in the left stifle, and even though shes only 6 turning 7 in March, she obviously needed it.  She further proved how much she needed them when the needle broke into the joint and the synovial fluid that came out was RED.  Not yellow, and definitely not clear, but blood red.  Poor Libby!! I felt like such a terrible pony owner.  Not like I could’ve known but still.  

So shes on rest until Tuesday/Wednesday to see how those held and if they made a difference.  This doesn’t necessarily solve her lameness issue up front, but I have a feeling that that might have been from overcompensating for the hind.  We’ll see what she presents then though.  Until then, I’m on a very mini Spring Break.

In other more happy news, I sold my saddle!! My Butet baby is shipped and on its way to a new owner!  While I wasn’t able to get what I wanted initially for the saddle, I still got what I think the value was.  And while I was expecting to ride in my trainers saddle for a couple months while waiting for my saddle, I got a call on Tuesday, saying that my saddle was ready, and shipping from France Friday!!! OMG!!! New saddle for my lame horse!!! It should get here Monday, so my trainer so generously offered to oil and condition it for me while I’m home.  I’ll update again after Tuesday or Wednesday, whenever I get back, and let everyone know how Libbys doing and how the injections affected her. 


15 thoughts on “Constant Game Of Catch Up!

  1. For a sec when I read this I thought you were saying the needle actually broke in her joint. Blahs

    Hope the injections help her. And woohoo about your saddle!!! On both counts. Where did you end up getting the butet sold?


  2. Lol no thank god. And technically Ebay, but not. An Ebayer inquired and had a bunch of questions for me so she gave me her number to call her. When we were on the phone I suggested we do it outside of Ebay, since it would save her money and give me more then I would get with the Ebay commissions. My dad wrote up a contract for it, we had her look over it and sign it, and got the money wired to us. Was super easy!


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