And Here I Thought All Was Fixed…

Finally got back to Ocala on Wednesday, but the weather was so disgusting that I didn’t get to ride.  But I did get to ooh and ahhh at my new saddle and condition it and the stirrup leathers it came with.

 But I did notice as I was conditioning it that it was EXTREMELY narrow.  I measured it and from dot to dot it was just under 4″.  Um what?  Contacted the reps, who swear that the tree needs to break in and “settle”.  Ah okay? I thought by paying the money for a custom saddle that that was what I was getting, a custom saddle.  Silly Shelley! Thats not how things work!

Anyways, on to the patient.  When I got to the barn, as I said before, the weather was gloomy.  But in between the bands of rain, I was able to take her out and trot her.  She looked sound!! Woohooo!! To say I was excited was an understatement.  Put her back in the stall and I contacted the vet to tell him she looked better.  He was happy to hear it, but wanted to hear how she was undersaddle.

Thursday the weather was still gross but we were able to ride after the storm had passed through.  Got my saddle out and tacked her up with the thick Beval Theraputic pads to ensure the saddle was up off her back to try to make it easier on her.  Got on and boy, she was not a happy camper.  Adding the fact that she hasn’t been ridden in 2 weeks, the new uncomfortable saddle did not help at all.  Plus it was cold and wet, and because of the rain we had to ride out in the field.  I was instructed to only walk trot her, and she felt pretty good, aside from her tense coldbacked moves. 

My friend that I was riding with said she looked really fluid, and like she was really using herself, so woo!  Texted the vet and him still being a bit skeptical, instructed me to let him know how she was the second day of riding.  We also talked about starting her on Robaxin for a couple days, so I decided to start her on it the next day.  

Friday the temperature dropped about 10 degrees.  I’ll admit I’m a certified weenie.  I didn’t even want to go outside at all… I made the decision to not ride… Good thing I did because when I got to the barn her right front ankle was swollen and warm.  So she got some bute along with her Robaxin, and I’ll see how she is in the morning.  If shes still swollen tomorrow the vet is coming back out.  I’m pretty beside myself right now. 

Boo to ponies that aren’t sound.  Boo to custom saddles that down fit custom.  And boo to not being able to show or jump or lesson at all…

Hope everyone else has had a good week!


6 thoughts on “And Here I Thought All Was Fixed…

  1. Your saddle should fit when it arrives. I'm sad for you that it's not just right. Gingham has also had issues with her CWD. 😦

    Hope Libby's ankle is better!


  2. Boo! She looks great in the video so maybe she just banged up her ankle and she'll be ok in no time 🙂

    That is no good about the saddle!!! Hope they make it right!!


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