To Be Sound, Or Not To Be Sound?

After Libbys swelling on Friday, I was pretty nervous to see what I had to deal with on Saturday.  Because everyones at the show, I fed in the morning, so I got to the barn very early.  I love waking up and seeing the horses first thing in the morning.  No matter what, it always puts a smile on my face to watch the sun coming up with horsey silhouettes doting the countryside.  One day, I will own my own farm.  No question about it. 

Anywho, got to the barn early to feed, and poor Libs right ankle was a bit swollen and warm.  It was so slight though, and she was still sound on it, that I decided to just let the vet know and not have him out and see if the swelling went down on its own through out the day.  Went to the horse show to watch my barn fam show, and came back around 2 to see how she was.  Thankfully, everyone had ridden at the show by then, so my trainer came back to the farm with me to watch her go, and to see the fit of my saddle. 

Sidenote: Since my last post I’ve been in contact with both of my reps, both of which have been very helpful and easy to deal with.  Both seem very happy to help, and won’t stop until I’m satisfied, and until Libbys comfortable.  They’ve even offered, should the need arise, to make me a brand new saddle.  They should do it anyways, its the right thing to do, but it makes me feel better to heat that from them.  I can’t wait till they come out next week to check the fit!

Back to Libby loo.  Brought her out and she seemed sound.  Got her tacked up in my new saddle, with a different half pad this time, my Thinline Trifecta pad, and walked her out to get on.  She was MUCH happier about the saddle, and we decided that the half pad I’d used the ride before was way to thick for her and this saddle.  The saddle fit much better with my Thinline, and Libby seemed to be happy in it as I rode.  I only did walk/trot again but she was SOUND!  Very sound I should say.  There was no tenseness in her back, her hind end felt very swingy and reaching, and she was tracking up so well that she was interfering and catching her fronts with her hind hooves.  My trainer took video of us, which I don’t have but hopefully I’ll be able to get from her, and she looked great!  I was so happy and glad that she was sound.  Went out for dinner in celebration of a fellow barnmates win in the medium adults, and was on a happy high for the rest of the night. 

Love this picture…

Sunday came out to feed in the morning again, and Libbys ankle was yet again a bit swollen.  As I did the day before, I let the swelling go down on its own through out the day, and decided to go to the show for about an hour.  We were all getting professional pictures taken the next day, so I had to make time to clean her up a bit, clip her ears, clip her white and possibly bathe her.  But of course, I stayed at the show longer then I thought I would, and headed back to the barn around 3, leaving me only enough time to ride. 

Got Libby out of her stall and made the right turn to the wash racks and she made an ouchie step.  I continued to  tacked her up anyways, and made the excuse that maybe she was just stiff.  Tacked her up and brought her out, and yup, lame.  Put her away, didn’t even get on, and called my trainer.  She said she would look at her when she got to the farm in an hour from the show, but I had to leave to go to work so I turned Libby out and headed out, knowing my trainer would let me know her thoughts.

After work I looked at my phone and saw that my trainer had texted me, saying she’d watched Lib trot and she was about a 2/5, so the vet was coming tomorrow for her.  😦

Monday got out early to clean Lib up since I didn’t make time to do it the day before.  Didn’t have time for a bath, but clipped her up and had my photo session.  She was a good girl through all of it, even when the cart ponies in the neighborhood came by multiple times.  The photographer said it was great for photos, but all I was focused on was holding on in case she decided the carts were way to scary.  Finished up, pictures will be here sometime this week, and brought her back to her stall to wait for the vet.  She seemed a lot more comfortable today, and was dare-I-say-it, sound.  Vet came out, I brought her out of the stall and of course, shes sound.  He palpates her tendons, does some flexions on her and because she so sound we don’t know what to do with her.  So the plan is to ride her this week, and the next moment shes lame, he will come that day to see her.

So thats where I’m at now.  I’m going to ride her tomorrow, and hopefully she’ll continue to stay sound.  Fingers crossed!


5 thoughts on “To Be Sound, Or Not To Be Sound?

  1. Sounds like the saddle fits? If be worried that if she beefed up at all with muscle that a saddle that tight from the get go would end up pinching or something? But what do I know. I hope that Libby stays sound. And looking forward to seeing the pictures! 🙂


  2. I hope to god she doesn't get any beefier… Shes literally a ball on legs right now. Were actually cutting her feed back to a measly 3/4 scoop because shes getting a bit too round. The life of an air plant…


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