Wheels Keep On Turning…

We keep trudging on.  Libby still seems short when you take her out of the stall, but she has started to look a lot better under saddle.  Compare these videos taken Saturday with the last ones I showed in my last post.

She looks much freer in movement, and much more even.  So thats exciting!  We’ll just keep doing what were doing, and see how she holds up.  Were going to give her another week of flat work and then we’ll start her over some little crossrails to see how she holds up over that.  We don’t want to baby her too much, because we still want to figure out what this is, but I still don’t want to break her.

Were pretty sure this is arthritic now, just because a soft tissue injury wouldn’t be getting better so quickly, and because she was never really off, just short.  We’ve decided the small swelling and heat from before is from her hitting herself with her hinds, something shes been doing like crazy since her stifles were injected.  Which leads me to my next question. 

For those of you with horses that hit themselves what bell boots have you found to be the most durable, and have any of you used ankle boots, like skid boots?  She has destroyed three sets of rubber bell boots in just over two weeks, so I obviously need another solution.  I’ve been looking at the Eskadron bell boots but the thought of spending that much on bell boots kills me a little inside. 

They look durable enough…

I was looking at the no turn bells, but I’ve heard they fit very small, and that they still turn anyways so I’ve been turned off by those.  I don’t know anything about skid boots, but I’m looking into them since she hits herself in the back of her ankles not just her hooves. 

Hopefully she continues to do well, and this lameness is behind us.  I do think that if Libby stays sound, the next time our vet comes out I’m going to have him radiograph that right front ankle, just to make sure nothing wonky is going on in there. 


10 thoughts on “Wheels Keep On Turning…

  1. I've gone through an incredible amount of bell boots, as my guy is a major overreacher – he pulls shoes even with bell boots on. I've found that no turns didn't work for him and I bought those exact pair of Eskadrons – they were worth every penny for me! They stay pretty well and he hasn't pulled a shoe with them since (knock on wood). They're only good for riding, not for turnout as the foam would likely keep water/mud but I love them.



  2. Love those boots, I've had about a zillion pairs. The only thing I've ever had break is the front Eskadron label…it ripped off on a pair or two. Glad Libby is looking so much better!


  3. I like the Italian rubber bell boots. They are a bit thicker at the bottom. You can probably find them at a tack store at the show like Tenney's


  4. I don't know why but I've had the best luck with these: http://www.doversaddlery.com/fleece-lined-bell-boots/p/QA-04187/ my mare LIVES in these 24/7 and never gets a rub and they tend to last about 3-5months (which, I remind you I only take them off when she's in her stall and TBH sometimes I forget) which for $16.99 is a good enough shelf life for me. They are good for a horse who gets rubs from a non-fleece top like my sensitive mare. She also seems to prefer them over regular bell boots–so I guess it's more comfortable?


  5. I like the rubber Eskadron bell boots — so far they have held up perfectly, but my guy just wears them to ride. I have cheaper ones he gets turned out in, but he goes through them pretty quickly.


  6. Used to do gummy rubber pull ons with double thick bottoms but Houston got rubs on his heels. The no turns do turn. And they do fit small IMO. Hue is a gigantor but not as huge and the boots would imply. Good luck in the search.


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