Better Better AHHHH

Was out of town until Wednesday last week, so I’ll cover when I got back until now. 

Got back on Wednesday and Libby had finished her 10 days of Robaxin, so I was a bit leery about how our ride was going to go.  Got on and she was a bit psycho.  No where near as bad as she was when she first got to the farm, and she did have 2 days off, but I was nervous it was because the Robaxin had run its course and she was not responding well to the saddle.  The fitters were scheduled to come out the next day though, so I figured I would get things figured out then. 

Thursday got out to the farm early for my fitting, and groomed Lib up so she wasn’t absolutely disgusting for them.  They came out, we looked at the saddle and I told them everything I had on my mind.  They checked the saddle over, and they both thought the saddle seemed like a great fit.  A bit narrow still in the shoulders, but it still has to “let out” a little in the tree so they firmly believe its going to fit her perfectly.  They instructed me to pad her differently, and to use the front two billets instead of the first and third.  At least until the tree is fully let out.  After we talked for about an hour or so about the fit, and I asked all my questions, we sat for a bit and talked about all other things horsey.  I was talking to them how I have Libby on Smartcalm Ultra, and Farriers Formula, and how I don’t feel like it makes a difference.  I also wanted to start her on a joint supplement but with my other supplements in my Smartpak it was making it over $100 per month.  So one of my reps told me to forget the other calming stuff and try Shen Calmer.  It works within days, not months, and while its expensive, its supposed to medically “cure” them, and they have to be taken off it eventually.  In her experience, the horses that were weaned off of it stayed calm and sane still even after being off of it.  So I bought it.  Started her on it that night.  The stuff smells vile to me, smells like liver, but thankfully Libby eats it. 

So yes, even though I LOVE Smartpak to death, believe me I do, Libby is now Smartpak free.  We’ll see how this goes. 

I’ve continued riding her everyday, and shes gotten better and better.  Was able to get a lesson in on Saturday, and it was AWESOME.  I have been told that I am no longer allowed to baby her, something I admit to doing, and that she is my copilot, not the leader.  My not babying her started by me getting on without walking her around for the first time in about a year, and to my surprise, she had no cold backiness.  Of course I walked her around a bunch once I got on before asking anything of her, but I was so happy and proud of her. 

On to the lesson particulars: we worked on getting her round the right way, and making her use herself.  The footing was too hard to jump anything more then a crossrail, and we didn’t want to push her too hard considering shes been off for almost a month, so we weren’t going to jump.  But after she was being so awesome, and listening so well, we made a little line.  And thanks to her brand spankin new canter, really it feels like a different horse, my eye was way off.  After going over it a couple times, I was able to readjust, and man did it feel good to have some power off the base!  That was something that I always felt was lacking with Libby, and because of it I always felt she wasn’t going to be anything over a 2’9″ maybe 3′ horse, but now who knows!  I’m going to have to get video of our next lesson over fences, for sure.  Cooled her out and talked with my trainer more about everything in our lesson.  Hopefully she’ll be ready to go to a couple shows soon! Gotta sort the financials out, but I’m excited!

Rode her everyday Sunday through today, and she continues to improve daily.  With our new saddle configuration and the new supplements, started her on Actiflex 4000 again, shes been doing great.  Lesson tomorrow and hopefully a schooling off property day on Friday!!

BTW for those of you on English Tack Trader the facebook group, I have a couple things for sale on there so go check it out!

And for your weekly photo, behold the cuteness!


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