Its A Sickness

Libbys been awesome since I last posted.  We even brought her off property to the really nice Longwood South grounds, which is a huge facility that hosts some horse shows.  Lib was great there, and it was a really good experience for the both of us.  Wasn’t expecting her to be good at all.  Had a bad ride on Wednesday and then I don’t ride Thursdays, so I really didn’t know what I was going to get.  But she surprised me and was the star of the day.

Rode everyday after up until I had to hide away in the library to study for an exam I had Tuesday.  I firmly believe that my body repels everything associated with Physics, because I am sick again.  But I was able to ride really fast yesterday before feeling so weak that I had to get off and lie down for a few.  I hate sickness….

So green!

But overall Libby has been really good.  The saddle fits, shes been getting better and better about coming underneath herself in the hind.  I think were going to start some solid lead change work soon to get those solidified.  Other then that, things have been great!

Saddle porn….

I know quick small update, but just trying to get everything back to normal.  My parents are coming up Saturday for a visit so that’ll be exciting! My parents haven’t met my new trainer, or seen the new facilities, so it’ll be a fun day of firsts for them. 

But the reason behind the title of this post, besides the fact that I’m sick with a common cold, is based on some thoughts I’ve had about the horse world recently, in particular the HJ show world.

When I was younger, like pony kid tiny age, we didn’t care what things we had to ride with, as long as we had the necessities, we were good.  We didn’t need the fancy custom saddle, or the expensive horse boots, or the bridles that cost more then some peoples board payments.  So what changed?

Why does it seem that now-a-days, more emphasis is placed on the value of the things we use more so then the horse and rider pair themselves.  Not like this is the first time I’ve noticed this before, but its been more apparent to me lately that money wins, and thats the end of it.  Even with horse shows, as I’m trying to pick out the few shows I’m going to shoot for, I’m blown away at these prices, even for schooling shows.  What is with these prices???  No way could I afford to go to the whole circuit, so circuit points would be out for me. 

We as riders want the next best thing, to show all the shows, and to have fun doing it.  Its a serious sickness, especially since most of us can’t afford to live that life.  Ugh ok rant over. 

With that said, I’m selling a bunch of stuff that I never use, so let me know if you guys want anything! 

Tack trunk is still for sale!!! -$700

Courbette Girth elastic on one side.  “50 – $30

Bareback pad.  Has maybe 10 ride in it from 8 years ago. – $25

Assorted pads.  White has a stain (pictured below) light blue never used, and red has embroidery taken out.  – $10, $20, $10

Is totally covered by the saddle when riding.

More Pads! – $10, $20, $15

Really thick Franconia pad.  Waffle weave $15

Each $15

Ariat Classic half chaps.  Used a total of 5 times.  $100

I have more that I’ll be adding, but if anyones interested, let me know!


12 thoughts on “Its A Sickness

  1. I definitely have the sickness. But I just love pretty things. I'm sure u could probably be just as successful at the shows I rarely go to with less nice things. Quality lasts though and sometimes you get what you pay for.

    Side note- SADDLE LUST. How small is your saddle? Looks like a tiny seat. And where's your pad in that pic from? Looks baby pad like. But with girth loops?


  2. Yep shows are ridiculous, but some shows here are starting to feel it. I just went to a 'C' that was $10 a class, now that is something that I could get behind and if they had more like that, even $15 or $20 I would probably do it, cheaper then $40-$75.


  3. We have some of the big A shows that get into the thousands for the division, but we also have some rinky dink $8-$10 a class schooling shows too. You get what you pay for though in terms of footing, measured lines, proper heights, jump fill, etc. Do you have a local circuit you could show on that follows USEF regulations but isn't actually recognized? We have ten billion but I'm not sure if that's a 'thing' everywhere or not.


  4. I was actually thinking about doing a whole post on material “things” and riding in the near future. As I read all these blogs where situations are so different from my own I'm shocked by the materialism I see in some. And I really don't mean that in a negative way, believe me I can appreciate nice things. I just wonder if people actually really want all these things they lust over or if they only want them because they think they should?


  5. Idea time….can you host a schooling show at your barns facility? That's what we do and it's a blast. Ask other barns in the area and you could make a mini circuit…just a thought.

    Im guilty…Im a shopaholic when it comes to the horses.


  6. Glad Libby was good at Longwood, it's a pretty cool facility! I actually did a mud run there this fall- it was super hard!! We jumped/climbed over the actual XC jumps and had to run through the water complexes and stuff.


  7. I totally and completely agree with this sickness! And I don't think it stops with tack, I think people always want the biggest and best six-figure horse so they can show at all the shows and win all the coolers and money and whatnot. Sigh. Unfortunately, I don't see it stopping anytime soon, and for me personally, the sickness can sometimes take the fun out of the sport. I don't make a crap ton of money or have a limitless budget, so at the tack shop, I try to get quality items that will last even if they're not the latest or fanciest items. Good post though! 🙂


  8. There are a percent who can afford all the fancy things but most of us can't touch them with a 100 foot poll lol!

    I slowly have to put away $20 here and there so save for nicer things and horse shows- it sucks but I am thankful for the few I can do or the one nicer thing I can buy 🙂


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