Bring In The Heat

Friday: Thought I would have time to ride and clip Libby but totally forgot about a lab I had that as two hours long, so just had a quick lesson.  Shes coming underneath herself so much more, but with this its taking a LOT more leg to get her to go forward.  During out flatwork I was dying, and then my trainer K asked me to go into two-point.  WOW to say I’m out of shape is a total understatement.  I couldn’t keep it, and I felt like I was laying on her neck.  Two-point challenge for one, I think so.  We then went on to jumping and I jumped a single off the diagonal back and forth.  K then added poles to each side, which Libby had no idea what to do with at first, but she eventually got the hang of it.  Good work to get her up off her front end.  We then moved on to jumping the line.  With her new canter, the one where she actually uses herself, I’ve had to totally adjust my eye to see anything.  I’ve also had to make a super conscious effort to not throw myself at her over the jump, because when I do that I lose total connection with her on the back side.  So it might not look the best, but this was the best feeling line I feel we’ve done in a while.  So VIDEO!

 Saturday: Got out to the barn to work and feed in the morning.  Rode very early, like 9, and just had a quick ride.  Libby was really good, although she was being slightly tough coming underneath herself at first.  It only took a little more coaxing then normal, but that’s to be expected.  Things are getting harder, and more technical, so with that there’s more resistance.  Got off, gave her a bath, and got ready to clip her.  I wanted to finish clipping her in one day, but my parents were coming up, so I didn’t know how much I was going to be able to finish.  Ended up getting all of her body finished, with just her legs, face and belly left.  I’m totally rusty with clipping but I think I did a pretty good job. 

Sunday: With my family there and work at the end of the day, I only had time to continue clipping, so no riding for me.  Finished pretty much everything on her, save for a couple of straggler patches. 

Monday: Rode early, and finished clipping FINALLY!  I was SUPER nervous to ride, just because of her history of being a bucking bronco the first week after clipping.  But she totally surprised me and was fine.  No bucking, no cold back-i-ness, just happy Libby.  I’m now blaming the bucking pony to poor saddle fit before, that she was just more sensitive to from the clip job.  So now with a well fitting saddle, there was no issue.  She was really good, but like I’d talked about before, she requires so much more leg now.  So little Miss Priss is being ridden with a stick now.  Not like she cares. 

It kind of blows my mind though how much better her gaits have gotten in our new program though.  Her canter in particular has gotten so much better.  She really feels like a totally different horse.  No more strung out Libby.  I wish I’d taken before and after videos of everything….

Hosed her down, thanks to clipping she dries in no time ;-), treated her fungus, and cleaned my tack.  Productive day in my opinion!

Beautimous Saddle

So now, I’ve been thinking all about showing.  I want to show.  I want her to have a record.  I want to win ribbons, and now that I’m in the jumpers, some MONEY!  So here’s the tentative showing schedule for my barn:

RMI Mid-FL I – April 10-14
RMI Mid-FL II – April 16-20
ESP in May
They go to Kentucky for June

Hopefully I can insert myself in there somewhere.  It would be nice to show back home again, and in a sense redeem myself.  We’ll see.  Time to save and work like crazy.  Going to be bringing Loo off property to the Longwood Park again on Wednesday, just to keep her on her toes!


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