Blog Hop: Our Commercial Moment

Finally hopping on the bandwagon and doing one of these! Thanks to Viva Carlos for having these!

This blog hop comes right after I had my little rant about us HJ people feeling that we need to buy certain things to win at shows, or to not be laughed at at the shows.  This is a relatively refreshing look on the subject though, that just highlights the regular purchases we have to make as horse people.  So here goes mine!

  • Fly spray: With the heat and rain comes more and more flies, so I need some more of this.  First time purchasing it for 2014!
  • Already purchased but new gag cheek pieces.  Mine are fraying, and I have a scary feeling that one day they’ll just snap while I’m riding.  Unrealistic, but who ever said worriers had realistic worries?

  • Horse shows.  Gotta put it in there.

  • USEF and USHJA renewals… UGH

Not too much, but enough.  Its the horse shows and the renewals that are the big purchases.  Thinking of just doing a lifetime for Libby so I never have to worry about it again. 


6 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Our Commercial Moment

  1. Oh yeah feel the burn of the Org purchases. Made mine and promptly forgot the pain once March rolled around haha. I did a lifetime for Ramone. You still need to pay USHJA a recording fee every year of $30.


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