Summer Rains

Coming back from hauling Lib off property, I was super confident.  No riding for me Thursdays though, so Friday got out and hacked.  She was good, and we had a relatively normal ride.  Nothing really stuck out to me.  As I was untacking, one of the owners of a horse we have in for training asked if she could go on a trail ride with her horse the next day.  Since I was really the only one available I volunteered.  Yes you read that right, I volunteered to lead someone on a trail.  Who am I…

Saturday got out and tacked Loo up.  Put on my new Equiwing stirrups that I snagged for cheap off of ETT on FB, and we headed out to a huge open field in the neighborhood.  Aside from thinking she was going to die when we had to cross some particularly lifelike lawn ornaments, a menagerie of wolfs and deer, she was great.  Just a little nervous but nothing to ridiculous or unmanageable.  The other rider was extremely nervous though, so I called it quits after 20 and told her we should head back.  Thankfully our walk back was uneventful, and I decided to bring Libby back in the ring to work her a bit, since I didn’t get to canter out in the field.  I don’t know what her issue was, maybe she thought she was done in the field, but she let the dragon loose.  I had no upper body strength at the end of that ride… Thanks Libby.

(Sidenote – decided the Equiwings weren’t for me :-/ )

New stirrups-for sale

Sunday rode her in a different bit combo, we’re trying to test the waters to see if I can start doing flatwork in a regular snaffle, and the verdict is we aren’t ready yet.  Maybe it was the draw reins, but she was a freight train.  Oh thank you Loo, I didn’t want to feel my arms anyways.  Ended up just going on a trail ride anyways afterwards, and had a relaxing end to our ride.

Monday rode really early, I fed, and worked on the usual, bringing her underneath herself.  She was great, and totally made up for the lackluster rides the two days before. 

Tuesday we got rained out, boo. But rainy days equal long grooming sessions and picture time!

How Libby feels about rain.

Her coats looking awesome! See those dapples coming through?

Wednesday was my birthday! Got out to have an early morning lesson, and we worked on a bunch.  After warming her up on the flat we did some lead change work.  Setting her up for the change with a pole, which she already knows how to do.  Got to build her confidence though until shes ready for just the cue without the pole.  Then we went to gymnastics.

I’ve actually never done gymnastics with Libby before, weird I know, so I didn’t know how she’d handle them.  Turns out shes a beast, in a good way.  Didn’t look at them at all, just trusted me and went right through.  She was great, landing relatively quiet on the back side, so my trainer started moving the fences up.  Now I’m not sure if shes just saying this to boost my confidence, but K measured it after and told me that the last fence ended up being 3’10”!  Biggest I’ve ever jumped on Libby before EVER! And she felt great over it.  Makes me really excited to see just how far we can go, since it really felt effortless for her.  No grunting no nothing on the backside.  Was super proud of her, and myself and had the biggest smile on my face.

Geeky picture with the jump.  Doesn’t look too big, but I don’t care!

After my ride, me and a barn friend A went for lunch and when we got back I was surprised with a gift from the barn family!

Love it!

So had a great birthday overall.

Thursday no riding for me and Friday we got rained out yet again 😦 So I groomed Libby and sat there wondering if I should just tack up and ride.  Of course though every time I went to get something from the tack room it would start raining harder… Ended up just sitting out there with the barn cats. 

He jumped on my back

Hopefully I’ll get to ride today!


8 thoughts on “Summer Rains

  1. You called the stirrups spurs earlier in your post and I was so confused. I think I'm going to sell mine too!

    As for the jump that things freaking huge!
    Love the saddle pads 🙂


  2. Happy Belated, and what do you mean that doesn't look big?! It looks/ sound monstrous… I am a bit relieved my mare tops out about 3', cause I certainly will. You guys look great, she's such a beautiful girl!


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