Life Runs Full Speed Ahead

Wow.  These past few weeks have been nothing less then a whirlwind.  After my birthday, I plunged straight into days of nonstop working, riding, and studying for my upcoming finals.  This exhausting routine continued until the end of April, and really truly ended when I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE!  I’m taking one last class still to fulfill my prerequisite requirements for Physical Therapy Grad School, but I’m DONE!

Where did my life go?

In all this craziness, Libby was still ridden pretty regularly, and we even had a couple lessons thrown in there.  She has been great overall, and I had one lesson where we were successfully jumping around a solid 3′ course, with lead changes and everything.  I was so proud, and really wished one of the girls had taken some video of me.  I felt confident, Libby was listening and we felt great.  It was a real confidence boost for me, considering that we have a show coming up. 

Unfortunately though for me, our next lesson I was nervous for reasons unknown to me, and it ended up being a very frustrating lesson.  Libby even ran out of an in and out, multiple times, and I have nothing to blame except my lack of riding.  Of course, my trainer was very reassuring, telling me she was kind of expecting this, since she didn’t have me warm up and work up to 3′ we just kind of started over the height and did a full course.  Horse show style.  Regardless, it makes me less confident in my abilities, and I need all the confidence I can get.

Anyways, we have had some great hacks mixed in too. With summer rearing its ugly sweat head at us though, riding for me has been strictly limited to before 10:30 AM or after 6:00 PM.  There was a day a week and a half ago that I decided to not adhere to my rules, and I rode at 1:00 PM.  It bit me in the end though because I got so over heated, that half way through our leisurely trail ride after our ride, I practically passed out in the saddle.  Thankfully, a neighbor was able to drive me back and a riding buddy ponied Libby back for me.  Anyone have any pointers for preventing heat exhaustion, besides hydrating yourselves?

Also, since my open fronts are on their last leg, I finally ordered myself some Majyk Stadium Open Fronts.  Excited to try them out!

I know bad blogger is bad, but I’m so back up from not posting in a while that I can’t think straight! Will update you guys on more when I get back from my mini vacation at home! Also looking at barns while I’m down here now in preparation for my move back home after my last extra class I’m taking this summer.


22 thoughts on “Life Runs Full Speed Ahead

  1. CONGRATS on graduating, and on going further with your education!!!

    As hard as we workout, electrolyte drinks do help. Also cooling measures like cold/wet bandanas on neck and lighter, moisture wicking clothing. I wear gym shirts which makes a huge difference. Also a helmet with actual ventilation helps. Heck for trail rides, we used to soak our hair in cold water before hopping on.


  2. Yay for graduating!!! That is awesome!!

    Hopefully you can find a good place to board Libby at home.. does that mean you won't be riding with your current trainer anymore?


  3. I know 😦 Its definitely going to be bitter sweet, and while I'll of course still stay in touch with her, its going to be a change having to look for a new trainer to fill her shoes.


  4. Thank you!! And I hope so too. Unfortunately it does mean I'll be training with someone else, since my “home” is 3 hours away from my current trainer. If I had my own trailer I would love to take lessons with her every now and then and trailer up to them, but dang nabbit I have no trailer 😦


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