Horse Show?

Yes, I’m a bad blogger.   I’m inconsistent lately, but thats because I’ve been so busy, which is a good thing!  Work, school (yes school, I’m taking one more class for grad school), and riding has been keeping me so busy, I rarely have time to just sit and relax. 

While I was gone I got updates from my trainer that she took Lib on the trails around the property and did trot sets with her.  Lib got her butt kicked!  But she was great, so I can’t wait to make our trail rides more constructive.  Love getting videos like this.

I got back to Gainesville late last week, and have been riding almost every day.  Libby is now in full heat, complete with squeals and sweet nickers directed at the BO’s new jumper.  But other then that shes been great. 

Mothers day she was a bit of a troll, but I’ll take one bad day out of the bunch.  Monday I decided to ride without spurs to strengthen my leg and of course, she was a slug.  Did a quick walk trot and then we took them out on a trail to cool out.  It was so hot, that the cool shade from the trail was a great escape.  Of course, trail star was a good girl, and was a happy pony the whole time. 

Got back, untacked and cleaned her up, and helped feed.  When I got back to my house, I had some packages waiting for me!

Goodies! Minus my new Higher Standards tack soap
Libby was not amused

Wednesday had an early morning lesson that was awesome.  My last lesson shook my confidence a bit, but this lesson made me feel confident and ready for this weekend.  Yup I’m showing this weekend!! We’re doing whatever we feel like doing.  Meaning on Friday when we get there, if I feel really nervous, we might just school.  Or if I’m feeling confident we’ll do the .85 and the .95.  Theres no pressure, just going to be an easy, relaxing, stress-free weekend.  And I’m excited!!! So heres to hoping I have an awesome day at the show 😀


18 thoughts on “Horse Show?

  1. So hard to remember sometimes. But I'm not going for ribbons, hard to compete in the low jumpers with the crazy people who run at everything, so I'm just going for a happy experience for the both of us.


  2. Girl you and Libby are looking awesome! Seriously she looks like she is right in her happy place 🙂

    Hope that you have fun showing and ENJOY it 🙂


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