Blog Hop: Let’s Make a Baby!

If you could/were so inclined to breed your horse (1.. let’s not get into the issues of backyard breeding and 2.. let’s pretend your horse is a mare if it’s not) WHO would you breed your horse to and Why!

Even though I still don’t get to see Libby until tomorrow, L at Viva Carlos has come up with yet another great Blog Hop, so even though I haven’t done a good job of keeping up with all the previous entries, I couldn’t resist this one.

Because as the owner of a mare, I already think about who I’d choose for Libbys potential baby-daddy a lot. I constantly change my mind when it comes to who I think is up to snuff for Libs, so for right now, I share two stallions.  Her jumper baby-daddy, and her hunter baby-daddy

If/when I decide to breed Libs, the things I want to improve on her increasing strength in her hind end, adding a bit of height (mostly leg height), lifting her topline, and improving on her jump. 

So first, jumper daddy: Capone 1

And second, hunter daddy: Bliss MF
Young, and new on the scene, but oh so nice!


12 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Let’s Make a Baby!

  1. I have a friend who has a 10yr old Capone son, who is a stud, that's not broke, not registered, but is freaking gorgeous. She's offered me a free breeding to him but I'd like the baby to be registered. It wouldn't be for a few years, so I have time to think on it.


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