Lazy Days Of Summer

Well the Florida Summer is here, complete with scorching, humid, stagnant heat, with no relief.  I have restricted myself to only riding in the mornings around 9, because I know I can’t take the heat (har de har).

Poor Libby is having a tough time too.  For whatever reason, her body hasn’t realized its HOT outside, and has grown a thick winter coat.  So I’ll be clipping her tomorrow.  Woohoo bring on the  hair in my mouth and eyes!

Trying to hide from the heat…

Other then that, nothing really has been going on.  My trainer and two clients left to go to Kentucky for two weeks so no lessons for me.  Libby also had a weird bout of lameness after her last shoeing, so I’ve been keeping our rides easy peasy.

I have been trying out a different bit, a three ring gag, to hopefully graduate to from the rope cheltenham gag we’ve been using.  So far, I can’t really say whether I like it or not, because I haven’t jumped her in it, but we’ll see.

Today after our ride I decided to take her on the loop around the neighborhood, just to cool her out.  I hope to be able to do trot sets out there with her, to build up her stamina.  Of course the only time I go alone the bridle paths were ridiculously busy, complete with a slew of driving horses coming at me from two different directions.  Ended up turning around and trotting home.

I gave my notice to my barn owner, who in turn texted my trainer in Kentucky to let her know my plans.  K texted me immediately, sending me some kind words and ensuring me I always had a spot with her in the future.  We both actually cried talking to each other about moving.  Makes me so sad to think that in just two months I’ll be on my own yet again.  I love my current trainer, and if I had a bottomless bank account, I would definitely stay with her. We’ve already made plans for me to find someone to ship Libby to WEF grounds when they’re down this winter so I can take some lessons with her. 

Just realized that blogger accidentally deleted a paragraph, whoops!

In my spare time I’ve been SEARCHING, scouring the internet for a new bridle for me and Libby.  So since I, and some friends, can’t find what I’m looking for, I turn to the capable minds of the blogsphere!

I’m looking for a new figure eight bridle, with no fluff on the nose disc, with fancy stitching and a monocrown.  Doesn’t have to include reins 🙂 So bloggers, let me know what you got!


4 thoughts on “Lazy Days Of Summer

  1. That's a lot going on 😉 Hope it all works out to the best it can and you both survive the heat. One of our barn's ponies refuses to shed out, its such an odd thing. I can't imagine riding in Florida humidity, dry heat is bad enough.


  2. I have never seen one without the nose band fluff. I bought Poppy an Ovation brand one that is good quality for the price. I just trim the fluff down with scissors 🙂


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