Rider Reviews: Firefly Bonnets

With my switch to jumper land, I figured a bonnet was in order.  But unlike my barnmates, I didn’t have, nor did I want to spend, $120+ for a custom De La Coeur.  So I scoured around the internet looking for other high quality custom bonnet makers, that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

SWS De La Coeur collection

That’s when I found FireFly Bonnets on Etsy.  I asked the owner of the business, Nicole, a BUNCH of questions.  True to my indecisive self, I went back and forth numerous times, even asking for Nicoles’ thoughts on color choices.  But through it all, through all my questions, she was still happy to help and answer all and any questions I had. 

I made my choice, a very simple white/black/gray combo for my first one (I knew I’d be leaving my barn at some point and couldn’t decide if I should go with the barn colors or not).  Nicole gave me updates on the bonnet as she was making it, asking me about Libby’s ear size and other things for fit. About a week after I ordered it, I asked if there was any way she could rush it to me, since I had that show in May and I really wanted to be able to wear it then.  She said that wasn’t a problem at all, that she’d rush to get it to me then, free of charge. 

Yay for great customer service!

When I received the bonnet I was so excited, but a little concerned.  It looked huge for some reason, but I brought it to the barn and tried it on Lib.  Took numerous pictures, from different angles, and sent them to Nicole.  She saw the fit problems I was concerned about, and asked to send it back so she could fix it for me, again free of charge.  So I wore it at the show, then sent it back to her to be fixed. 

Lots of extra fabric…

When I got it back a week ago, I was ecstatic.  She had really outdone herself, and totally remade the bonnet completely, taking everything I had concerns about with regard to fit, and fixed it all.  And she used different materials the second time around, to ensure that the fit would stay the same.  She just has so much pride in her products, and truly wants people to be happy with the items they’ve purchased.

When all was said and done the grand total came out to be around $75.  She has multiple options available ranging from $60-$90, and she is so easy to deal with, she can make whatever your can think of. 

And since I didn’t have time to ride today, I did a small impromptu photo session with the Libby Loo trying her new bonnet on.  Such cuteness.

How NOT to take a conformation shot.  She looks like several horse pieces strung together in this.

My Loo.

So in conclusion, if your on the hunt for a great custom bonnet maker, who really cares about her clients, go with Firefly Bonnets!!!


13 thoughts on “Rider Reviews: Firefly Bonnets

  1. She said she was. She hasn't had any complaints, she just hasn't been happy that her personal ones have stretched out a bit, so I think shes using a different crystal company.


  2. As someone who crochets, that is impeccable looking! What great customer service, and a great way to get repeat business when you are a small company. Libby looks adorable.


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