Just A Small Correction…

After posting about the two potential barn options, it was brought to my attention by my lovely mother (HI MOM) that my guess of how far the barns were from our house was very, very off.  And because I am in a lease vehicle that is already very VERY over my allowed mileage, I decided to look up the exact distance and time for each option, and compare the two.

With the help of Maquest, I found out that Option 1 is a good 10 miles farther then Option 2, and 10 minutes longer of a drive.  Knowing this, unless we can figure something out with my car, I really don’t know what to do.  I would be so incredibly excited beyond words to be able to be at a barn with a good trainer on site, with my old barn family.  But I know my parents do a lot to allow me to have the horse and be able to ride, so I want to make them happy.  Ugh its never a clear decision!

But aside from that looming decision, Libby has been great!

I think the fact that I hold my breath just a bit every time I take her out of her stall really helps with her soundness issues.  Not.  But I can’t help myself from doing it almost every single time. 

I’ve continued using the Theraplate with her, and I’d like to say that I think it makes a difference with respect to her cold backiness, but I honestly don’t know if its that or the new hormones.  But she has been much better, not one ounce of tenseness on the crossties, or undersaddle.

Today I had a lesson, but because the ring was still a bit sticky, we stuck to flat work.  One of the things I really want solid before I leave is Libbys’ leadchanges.  So that was what we worked on.  I worked her in her gag, but we took the reins off the rope and put them on the ring, making it just a plain eggbut snaffle, and added some draw reins.  I normally HATE riding Libby in draws.  She gets super heavy, my draw reins are very low quality and are hard to handle, and I have very small hands so its hard for me to ride with two reins.  But today, she was a dream.  I was of course riding in my trainers beautimous CWD draw reins, but I like to think it had more to do with the fact that she is much stronger then she was.

We can dream…

But onto our lesson, it went really well, and I got to really feel the “bounce” she needs to correctly teach her the change.  Got the change twice both ways and gave her a big pat.

If things continue the way they’re going were hopefully going to show at Fox Lea in July.  Fingers crossed!

And very random but I am selling my barely used Samshield helmet! Was fitted incorrectly by the boutique I purchased it from, so am selling it.  Samshield is going to be giving whoever buys the helmet a brand new liner free of charge so while I bought it as a 6 7/8, any size that fits the medium shell will work.  I think it goies up to 7 1/4 but I’ll have to check.  Have the chance to get a practically brand new Samshield for less! Email me at shelleyc416@gmail.com for pictures. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Just A Small Correction…

  1. My dad is looking into it. Hopefully we can bring it in, pay a little bit to get out of the lease, and find some cheapy car to buy. Me and lease vehicles just don't work.


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