When Life Gives You Lemons…

Wow.  It feels like years since I last wrote a post.  So much has changed, good things and bad things.  Lets start with the bad, so we can end with the good. 

Since our last post, things got much worse for me health-wise.  My anxiety was still through the roof, I couldn’t sleep well and was always tired, I couldn’t ride because I felt faint or became too exhausted, and I was so nauseous I could barely function in the mornings.  Everything had become overwhelming and we didn’t know what to do.  I’d been to doctors, and had numerous blood test, which showed minor things but no answers as to why I was feeling the way I was.  I knew people were thinking I was a hypochondriac, and that made my anxiety even worse.  Was I crazy?  Was I imagining all these symptoms?  I didn’t really know what else to do.  We decided to do one more test, and turns out I have Lyme Disease.  So I’ve been started on intense antibiotics, and unfortunately haven’t been able to ride since the horse show, which was almost two weeks ago.

 So there’s the bad, now onto the good!!

We’ve moved!! I’d decided to move Lib to option 1 from the previous post, and she got there last Wednesday.  Since I couldn’t ride or anything, I figured she could just move early, and I was very ready to just move on to my next adventure.  So Libby is now settled in her new digs.  I knew I liked the place when I first viewed it, but its really a great facility.  I’ve only been able to go out twice since I’ve moved home, but of the times I’ve gone its been very calming and well run. 

Since I can’t ride currently, friends of mine are just hacking Libby when they can, and shes getting a couple training rides a week.  The trainer really believes she still has potential to be a hunter, which makes me happy.  As fun as it was to explore the jumper world, my heart is and always will be in hunter land.  Of course, if Libby still decides that she wants nothing of it then jumper land we’ll be in permanently, but I think my new trainer has some great techniques to really hone in her skills so I’m excited about that. 

I was able to watch one training ride and I was super impressed.  The rider is our assistant trainer and she is currently going after the grand prixs herself with her giant of a horse.  She got on Libby, in the rain, and immediately had her using her hind end, in a smooth snaffle!  Like I said I was pretty impressed.  Between the rain getting worse, she jumped her over a couple of small verticals, and really worked on making her use herself, and really round over the jump.  Libby was obviously in jumper mode, plus she hadn’t jumped in two weeks, but she was good.  I’m curious to see how she develops in their hands.  One of my friends whose there already, and who strangely enough also has lymes, has had her horse in training and hes really blossomed.  So I’m excited to say the least. 

Hopefully with my new meds, I’ll feel up to hacking her tomorrow and I can get some good pictures of the place.  I’m missing my Libby, but at least I have a very attentive “nurse” by my side. 


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