I Have A Blog?

Yes, I do, and it seriously needs updating. 

Thanks everyone for the support from my last post.  I’ve been feeling ok lately, its very touch and go.  One minute I’ll feel fine, the next I’m so nauseous I can’t speak, but most of the time I’m just tired.  Very, very tired.

Libby on the other hand has been doing ok.  It almost seems like every time we’ve moved, she goes all the way back to square one, nervous and tense, and just a little quick to panic.  We’re working through it, but its really hard for me to be more of a spectator then a participant.  We’ve been trying a multitude of bits, including hackamore, broken segundas, mylar bits, and more.  Just trying to find something thats not too much for her, but that gives me enough leverage.

I was able to ride her three times since I’ve moved her though!  The first ride she was good but I overdid it and couldn’t see her for the next too days after.  I learned my lesson though and my past two rides have been very leisurely hacks: walk trot canter and thats it.   Such is life right now. 

But I did get some more pictures for you guys! 

The backside of the ride wing of the barn, heading into the jumping ring on the left

Jump ring 🙂

Center of both rings.   Has two gazebos hidden behind the palm trees, and an Oasis Cafe on the end that they use for shows.

Left ring, normally used for just flat work and lunging.

Backside of left wing with left ring on right.

Back side of barn

More of the jump (right) ring


Right barn wing

Libbys stall

Her window to the left ring

 Wow a lot of photos.  In my time at home I’ve also FINALLY applied my Personally Preppy monogram on my new correctly fitting Samshield.  So yay for that.  Got to keep myself somewhat occupied. 

The grooms have also been helping me brush up on my Spanish.  The exchanges mostly include them saying things super slow to me, and me kind of guessing.  The two head grooms know English, so they’ll say a phrase to me in Spanish super fast, see my dumbfounded look, repeat it in English and then again in Spanish to try to help me.  Too bad my brain seems to not retain any new information. 

Other then that I’ve just been trying to relax, and take it easy.  With all my time you’d think I’d get around to updating my blog more… But I’m working on it!


22 thoughts on “I Have A Blog?

  1. WOW what a gorgeous facility! Oh my gosh! Sorry to hear about the Lyme, but I'm glad you got a diagnosis. I've heard so many stories of people having Lyme for years but never getting diagnosed.


  2. I kinda hate you for this being the cheapest option. Sorry your still feeling so sick, hope it let's off soon. Bright side, if you plan to have kids, being preggo will seem easy after all this nausea and fatigue 😉


  3. What a stunning facility!
    Lucky Libby, glad to hear you're feeling better – keep on keeping on and i hope you heal up enough to spend more quality time with your gorgeous girl in horsey heaven


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