Backseat Rider?

 Taking a backseat when it comes to my horses training is not something thats easy for me.  Add to the fact that sometimes I’m not able to go see her for multiple days, and I feel pretty useless.  Add to THAT that this sport is extremely expensive, and training rides add up very fast, and I feel like I’m robbing my parents. 

I was determined to ride a little bit this week and so far I’ve been able to ride twice, so yay, mission accomplished!  Thankfully Mother Nature was kind the past couple of days, and gifted us with some cooler weather.  We just had an easy hack both rides, and overall she was good.  Still stiff, still heavy, still the same. 

Now, maybe its because I’m not there to see her progress, or because she still has yet to settle, or possibly because I can’t feel a difference in her, but I am getting more and more skeptical that she will be able to settle and become a hunter. 

I know, relax Shelley, your just being paranoid since you can’t be there. 

And thats probably it. 

We haven’t yet been able to find a bit that works for her thats hunter legal, and like I said, she hasn’t quite settled.  But I can’t help but shake the feeling that I’m trying to stick a square peg into a circular hole.  And I’m also keeping a terrifying but still relevant thought in the back of my head that should I not get better within a short time frame, I might need to start looking into other options, like leasing her out or… The other option which I’m to stubborn to even write out. 

And if it does come to that, its going to be really hard to market a kind of hunter, kind of jumper, without a definite lead change.  I just hope it doesn’t come to that.  I love Libby, and I can see she has so much potential, but she’s a lot of work, and I guess I’m just loosing faith in the whole “system”.  I did everything in my power to ensure she received the best training, but it just doesn’t seem like she’s where she should be. 

I just need to think of the big picture.  Shes healthy and already come so far.  Shes not as volatile anymore, and is relatively quiet.  She moves much better off her hind end now, and is very forgiving. 

In my new position on the sidelines its been hard not to be nit picky about everything.  But I’m going to make every effort to relax.  I’m using my time to search for new bit options, and of course, every other miscellaneous tack item that I might or might not need.   

So putting everything that I just said behind, read end random vent, does know of any tack shops that do bit trials?  I only have a couple of bits but really want to try a Mikmar full cheek or dee, but with a price tag over $150, I’m skeptical to buy it without trying it first.


10 thoughts on “Backseat Rider?

  1. I'm glad you're doing better, and up to posting. Sorry you're having a tough time. She's still young. WBs can take a while to mature. Trust your gut and don't second guess yourself….which it sounds like you might be doing. System strong and positive! ((Hugs))


  2. I hope things work out for you, one way or another. I know it must be an awful place to be – not totally sure which direction to go in. The thought of my mare's suitability for me (because of her size) crosses my mind from time to time but I keep pushing it out with a “not yet”. Truth be told, I think worst case I would lease her. Just can't see selling my first horse.

    That being said, a friend if mine recently made the very difficult decision to sel her horse. She's had her for 3-4 years and they tried to make it work, but in the end, the mare is a jumper and my friend wants a hunter.

    I know you will make the best choice for both you and Lib… But you don't have to do that quite yet. Just work on getting yourself feeling better and maybe you'll have a different horse when you're back to normal!


  3. Could you offer her for half lease? That way you'd still have the opportunity to ride when you feel well, but you'd have some help with expenses and wouldn't need to pay for so many training rides.


  4. So sorry to read that you are feeling down about the whole situation. Hopefully you feel better soon and can get things back on track so that other more difficult decisions can be avoided.


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