Rider Review: Absorbine Botanical Natural Herbal Liniment

Like pretty much the whole blogosphere, I was also contacted by Absorbine to review their “new-ish” line of natural liniment products.  It took me a while, but I finally got around to trying the stuff.  Even though I’m sure everyone’s already read about ten of these reviews, here’s one more!

Forgot to take picture of the concentrate :-/ Whoops

 When I first received the package I was super excited to try it.  The foam is a different concept entirely, and I liked the thought of having the concentrate squeeze bottle to make lots of buckets.  The product had pretty packaging, and was packaged well. 

A lot of mess

The first product I used was the foam.  I tried it after a lesson, and while I really wanted to like it, I’m just eh about it.  It smelled nice, and wasn’t sticky feeling, but I didn’t feel any cooling properties at all when I applied it.  The foam dispenser was also SUPER messy, and the foam was more of a “liquid bubble mess” then a solid foam.  So I struck out with that.  It really didn’t hold a candle to my holy grail of liniments, Sore-No More Gelotion.

Not a solid foam, but more like a liquid bubbly soup

Onto the concentrate.  I was still more or less excited to try this because I thought I could possibly change the concentration of the product and maybe make it stronger then the foam.  But I honestly almost used up a fourth of the bottle before I had any sort of tingly sensation.  So even though it still smelled pretty good, and I liked the packaging on this one, much less mess, I would be using a lot of the product very fast. 

Overall I was very meh about the stuff.  It smells good and the color is pretty, but I expect to feel a little something when I apply it to Libby.  So although it was natural, and didn’t blister her or anything, I felt like I was just putting water on her.  So will I buy this again?  Probably not.  Especially when I have a whole line of Sore-No More products available, at the same price. 


2 thoughts on “Rider Review: Absorbine Botanical Natural Herbal Liniment

  1. Sore no more doesn't make my hands burn which is pretty much one of the primary reasons it appeals to me. I wasn't expecting these products to cause much tingling either which is maybe why I wasn't Dissapointed the way you were. I did feel like the foam was a little messy but most liniments are kinda all over the place. Glad you got to reveiw this stuff though! I won't be switching over either.


  2. I am pretty meh about it too. I like that it doesn't make my hands sticky, but it also doesn't really feel like it is doing anything. Also, unless I put it on after a bath when my horse is still wet I find it hard to spread out over the horse.


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