Second times the charm?

True to my MIA history, this blog has gotten very little love in the last month.  If your still following through it all, give yourself a pat on the back.  Really, your a trooper.  

So what has happened to us you might ask?  
Well a lot.  Of course.  And while I’m sure many of you would love for me to go into full details, I really don’t want to rehash it, so lets just dummy it down to me and Trainer, and Assistant Trainer, had different opinions on Libby and on what I should do with her.  I know my last post seemed forlorn and lost and sad, but everyone has those days where they doubt everything and second guess themselves.  I can’t give up on Libby, I owe it to her and to myself to continue our journey, and Trainer didn’t believe in that.  So I had to move on. 
After I’d given my notice, I still didn’t quite know where I was moving to.  I had already looked into places when I originally moved back down, and couldn’t find anything.  So I turned to a close friend of mine that works in the local tack store for ideas.  As I was telling her what happened with Trainer, a woman came in the store that had a similar story.  Same Trainer, same problem.  So she moved to a place out in Wellington, to a trainer I’d been following for years on FB, and drooling over all her horses.  But I was so sure that she was going to be over budget, and I knew I wanted to put Libby in full training at first to unlearn what she’d come to resort to after being in Trainers program.  The woman told me to just call her, and talk to the trainer, J, and I did.  And on October 18th, I moved Libby over.  
I’m seriously so over moving horses.  I feel like I’m the gypsy rider.
But were onto bigger and better things.  After being told by my previous trainer K in Ocala that Libby would never be a hunter and we should convert her to a jumper, and then hearing from Trainer that she was a POS, I can’t help but smile from ear to ear when I see how much she’s come along in only a couple of days.  
At the last barn we just came from, she was so strong they wanted me to ride her in a double twisted snaffle, which only exacerbated the problem.  She’s now in a plain dee snaffle.  She’s offered us changes, and her strides slowly opening up.  
At the last barn the rider there was riding her way to much like a jumper, with driving legs and holding hands.  Which made Libby extremely nervous and worrisome.  And when she gets so nervous, she checks out and becomes a train.  Being with a trainer who understands mares, and understands that you can’t manhandle them to do what you want, really makes everything come together.  It might have been a good program for my friends headstrong gelding, but it was exactly the opposite of what Libby needed.  
Jumping out of her saddle pads and stuff
I have lots of plans for more posts, to try and keep myself motivated to continue on with this blog.  Now that I’m living in South Florida, I’ll be here for season so maybe I’ll do some posts on that.  Other then that, I’ll be here, even if I don’t post weekly, or even every other week!

12 thoughts on “Second times the charm?

  1. Congrats on the move, sounds like a better fit for Libby. Yay you believe in in your girl and the relationship you've built together.
    Sounds like things are deff on the up ☺
    Ps: I never noticed Libby's cut lipstick marking before *swoon*


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