Hello Blogger World!

Now that I finally have a couple of days to sit and relax, I figure what better way to spend my time then to update my little blog that I’ve neglected so much. 

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I can’t believe its already 2015, and already well into January!  Hope you guys all had happy New Year festivities!

2014 was crazy, in more ways then one, but hopefully 2015 will be my year to turn it all around. 

And with the new year comes the new show year so…. Happy Start to WEF 2015!!! Already been to “Battle of the Sexes” which is always fun, and I’m looking forward to watching friends show all their pretty ponies this season!

It was a tie… I guess after the 7 year winning streak the ladies had to give them that.

Speaking of ponies, Libbys been doing really well.  Her strides opened up, shes pretty much has an auto change, and shes learning that with her new muscles, she can be slow and ground covering all at the same time.  Very hard for these babies to learn. 

We brought her over to the show grounds last month for a little field trip and she was perfect.  Quiet, and confident, my trainer just floated the reins for most of their over fences work.  

Of course she still is a baby, and she still has her days, but honestly she wouldn’t be Libby if she didn’t. 

I also had her acupunctured with stim and right after she was a bit of a nut job, but she’s settled into herself again so I chalk that up to feeling really good after her session. 

As for my riding, I’m happy to say that lately, meaning in the last week, I’ve been able to ride three times which is pretty awesome.  I’m slowly building myself back up, very slowly, but its hard to do when your also busy with work and life in general.  I’m being very careful not to crash though this time, plus my trainer J has been very cautious with me so she’ll normally get on first for a few minutes and tell me what well work on depending on how Libby is that day. 

And let me tell you, I thought I knew how to ride pretty decently.  Now with J I’m learning to be super technical, and she sees things that not everyone sees on Libby from the ground, which obviously helps the training process go by much quicker.  She understands that Libby isn’t consistent, and changes up her riding and mine depending on how Libby is doing that day.  Which is awesome and really what I needed.  I needed someone to TEACH ME how to effectively ride Libby even on her off days.  Not just tell me that she’s a piece of crap or what have you…

Like my last lesson for example, she was being a bit looky everywhere which is really annoying because she starts bulging even worse then normal.  So we worked on a line of bounces, and she was great! I need to work on myself as well obviously, but were getting there. 

We’ve also been experimenting with bits, and have found shes been going best in a full cheek waterford.  I’d always been curious to try her in it, and while I wouldn’t say shes like butter, she is MUCH softer in that then the regular dee, and she can’t lock her jaw on it when shes nervous.  The full cheek sides also help with steering/bulging/her weird not straightness.  Hopefully going to be getting a Neue Schule one for her soon, so thats super exciting.  But overall shes been great!!

And last I’ll do a little blurb about my new job! So as some of you may know a Dover Saddlery opened in Wellington in November, and I’ve been working there since the opening.  Its pretty awesome, my managers great, and its cool to know that everyone coming in the door has something major in common with you, ponies!  Also the discount ain’t too shabby 😉  Hoping to get some great new stuff soon for Loo! 

And grad school application went out this December, so hoping to hear back soon!

Thats all I got for you guys! Hopefully will stay more on top of updates, but I won’t make any promises! Thanks for sticking with me!


9 thoughts on “Hello Blogger World!

  1. Woohoo, what a great update. Congrats on the awesome job – working for a tack store would be like my dream and nightmare rolled into one – I would want to buy all the things!
    Will keep everything crossed for you for grad school & am super jealous of your proximity to WEF and being able to check all that awesomeness out on the regular!
    Wonderful news on things going so well with Libby, sadly i can't see the videos while I'm in work . but i bet she looks gorgeous as always! *swoon*


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