The Boot Dilemna

Working in a tack store, I get to see, and try on, lots of different things when they come in.  Lately I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a new pair of tall boots, since my Mountain Horse Supremes are dying a slow, slow death. 

I’d decided that there really is no way to keep a pair of boots for both schooling and showing.  The boots get worn out to easily, never fully dry between rides (especially down here in the humidity), and leather rot quickly sets in when they aren’t allowed to fully dry.  So two boots it is.

For my show boots, I was looking into a pair of Alberto Fascianis.  They are a relatively new, to me, company that are pretty prevalent in Italy.  Made in Northern Italy, the boots are soft but not too soft, with a good thickness to them that really makes me think they’ll stand up to rides, and last.  I was going to go custom, but I’m broke, and I fit in their standard sizes, so standard boot it is.  I’ll still be going a little wilder then I normally would, but I wanted something different but still traditional.


Actually I wanted this exact boot but in all black, too bad its full custom 😦

So this will be my new boot! Show boot at least…

Of course in all black

This but without the swagger tab that sports the bootmakers name

Now the problem for me now is finding a good quality schooling boot that still fits correctly, and will hold up.

For a while I was just thinking of getting a new pair of my boots, since I already know they’ll fit my tiny ankles.  But they didn’t hold up very well, and had to be taken in multiple times since they stretched out so much. 

Another option are the Ariat Volant S boots.  Problem is, they aren’t slim enough in the ankle, and I really don’t want blistered ankles from the excess leather.  I’ve heard though from multiple people that they wear like iron.

Really comfortable, to the point I don’t care about the water shoe look

But I can’t get used to sore ankles…

And last, I tried an Ariat Heritage Contour boot, which again wasn’t slim enough in the ankle.

Other then those three I don’t really know what options I have that are slim in the ankle.  If anyone knows of a style that is slim in the ankle, is under 300, and comes in an extra slim, I’d appreciate it!!

Until then, I leave you with a, very, short video of Libby Loo from our jump school last week.


10 thoughts on “The Boot Dilemna

  1. Well, I don't know of anything under $300, but De Niro Leuca's are very slim through the ankle, however I wish the leather wasn't quite as soft. I use them as my show boots and I quite like them, though they run $700 off the rack.


  2. I don't know US prices but have you tried Tredstep boots? They have Slim & X-Slim sizing options – i have a pair of the Raphaels that I got on super sale from (—adults/918210/)
    If you can try them on somewhere before ordering to know what sizing combination will work est for you although they have a great returns policy which I must avail of as i bought these boots in the wrong size first and still haven't returned them!


  3. I just got a pair of Mountain Horse Sovereign boots, and they were literally the only ones that fit my skinny ankles! I can't comment on wear since I just got them and they'll be used almost exclusively for showing, but I couldn't find anything else that had the slim ankle I wanted. The next closest were some Tredsteps, but I'm not sure what type.


  4. Searching for boots is a nightmare! I just settled on a pair of schooling boots that are a bit to short in order to save my semi-custom Cavallos for shows. There was no way I was going to put out the money for another custom/semi-custom pair. Good luck with your search!


  5. I love my Tattini tall boots. Held up for the past year and a half of showing and riding regularly plus bathing and wearing them all day. Super soft but long lasting leather. You can get them for less than $300 if you order from Europe. And they come in extra slim!


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