Weekly Recap And Finishing Catching Up

Monday Libby had her stifles injected, so this week has been filled with hand walks and grooming sessions. 

Poor light weight moo
Oh. My. Gosh.

Thank goodness there’s grass!

I was starving, hand walking is hard…

But today I was able to hop on and have a light ride, and she felt great!  She was a bit spooky, but I can’t really blame her.  In GM’s words she has a “sweet spook” so it doesn’t bother me much.  Even though I know she’ll really feel the full effects in about a week to ten days after the injections, she already felt better to me today.  All I did was put her through her gaits quickly, but she felt good, and I can’t wait for our next lesson.  Spoiled her with a bath afterwards, and headed out.

Stop staring and give me the goods

I’d hinted in my last post that I would explain my whole boot saga.  But believe me, it’s not that dramatic I’m just a drama llama. 

I ended up purchasing the Ariat Volant S boots, because I’d heard that the footbed was amazing and the longevity of the boot couldn’t be beat.  About a week into having them though I realized I’d made a mistake.  The boot wasn’t what I’d consider to be too tall for me, but because of the lizard embossed trim at the top, the boot was super stiff right behind my knee.  Every ride it would slice me behind the knee, and my breeches would have blood soaked through.  Taking my pants off those days was not fun believe me.  After a month of this I decided they probably just don’t fit me, and sold them.

At the same time my favorite boot reps were in town and I ended up buying a pair from them for schooling.


My boots from work are finished, they’re just putting the finishing touches on them for me.  They’ll be strictly my show boots though.  Finally I’m able to see and try on my birthday present from this year…

Nice booties

And because I was so bored here’s a little photo montage of the barn.



Libby’s’ stall, notice the nose in the opening

Ring at sunset

What I drive up to ❤

 That’s all I have for now! Happy Holidays everyone!


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