Hello 2016!!!

First off let me start with a:

I wish everyone has a happy and healthy New Year!!

I can’t believe its already 2016.  So much happened in 2015, but I’m sure 2016 will be that much better. 

I didn’t stay very up to date on the blog in 2015, but this year I hope to change that 🙂

2016 started off great! On Tuesday the 29th, technically still 2015 but whatever, we hauled Libby and one of the barn owners horses to the show grounds to school.  The BOs are close with the Colvins, like THE Colvins, so they had Tori ride their greenie.  I stood by the ring and watched a bit, but we ended up schooling at the same time so I haven’t been able to introduce myself.  Probably a good thing since I’ll probably “fan-girl out” and be awkward and strange. 

Watching Tori and Royal go

Libby was… just ok.  She didn’t necessarily do anything wrong but my feeling was just meh.  The greenie that Tori was riding started calling for her when I left to go school with my trainer, E, and Libby started answering him which was uncharacteristic of her.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been on her when she’s called for anyone, so that kind of threw me off.  Also, my old trainer J used to kind of put the jumps up when I schooled at the shows, and E didn’t raise anything above 2’6″.  E was really happy with our school, even remarking that we could go into the show ring now and do well.  So I know we didn’t look awful.

Please excuse the Derp face. 

I think I was just really unsatisfied, for whatever reason. Libby was such a good girl, she got all her changes and for the most part was listening.  She did get strong, which she hasn’t at the show grounds, but she hasn’t been to these grounds in about a year.  So I can’t really get angry about it. I’m counting it as a good schooling and leaving it at that!


New Years day I vaccinated her late in the evening after work, so she had Friday and Saturday off.  I went out yesterday and got rained out 😦  Hopefully today she won’t be too wild, especially since it’s FINALLY gotten cold here!   Definitely going to BOT her before our ride and let her bake in that for a half hour. 

On the Saturday, the 2nd, I went out to watch the first round of the GM Horsemanship Clinic.  I actually LOVE Laura Kraut and Beezie.  I think the course they designed for the mock nations cup was awesome, and I think some of the riders were BRILLIANT.  I wish I could have watched the more “lesson-like” previous days, but still glad I was able to catch the last day!

Now with the New Year I’m going to be cleaning out my tack trunk.  I already know I have two Thinline Trifecta pads, a couple bits, and some random odds and ends that I want to get rid of.  Also, what is everyone’s favorite schooling breech? Keep in mind that I am what I am, a traditional hunter princess.  I’m kind of tired of the Tailoreds, they’re expensive, don’t hold up that well in my opinion, and I don’t necessarily think the fit is the best on me.  So what are you guys wearing?!


7 thoughts on “Hello 2016!!!

  1. I've heard good things about Pipers as well, just haven't tried them. Tredsteps are good if you want something with more structure. If you need more stretch, Annie's. Also, I'm keeping an eye open for those Thinline pads.


  2. I adore my Aztec Diamond breeches but understand that the designs on the back pockets could be a bit out there for your tastes…However their Spark line of breeches are more understated and equally gorgeous ♡♡♡


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