Just Keep Swimming

January was full of things to do.  Although most of it wasn’t pony related.

January 16th my family was all in town for my dads birthday, so that week was super filled with eating, parties, and catching up with family.  Love my family time,  but it doesn’t allow much time for Libby-love.

Then we had our VIP night/season kickoff party at work, which kept me busy all last week.  I’m finally able to take a second to relax and write some stuff down!  This week is our inventory, so I expect to not have any time to do much again…. Sigh

Any who, Libby is doing well.  I’ve been working on a lot of lateral work with her, and getting the reactions I want when I ask her to move over.  I did get some sharper spurs, so Libby can’t just ignore me anymore!

I’ve been doing a lot of work with her to get her ready, again, for lead changes.  But I haven’t actually been asking her for the changes.  Lots of change of bend, counter canter, and making sure she understands the cues I’m giving her.  It’s very frustrating for me, because she does them schooling at horse shows, and mostly when I’m jumping.  But when we’re in the show ring, and I’m a bit nervous, she doesn’t do them.  So I want to be able to get them down on the flat, and make it not such a big deal, so that when we are in the ring, its no biggie.  Crazy to me to think that I bought her FOR HER NATURAL CHANGE!  Funny how horses love to prove you wrong.  Oh well, I still love her.

All this reschooling though for her has been awesome.  A year ago if you asked her to bend around your leg, she’d do it, but not really.  She’d get nervous about your leg, and quickly move her neck and but over, but not her barrel.  Now I can get a true bend out of her.  So we’re not entirely supple through the pole yet, and she is still stiff with her head, but considering where we started shes so much better and happier about her work.

These next few weeks though, my poor wallet is going to be screaming.  She just had her teeth done, cha ching, farrier coming on Sunday, cha ching, and I have my training bill from last month to pay, not to mention board! Ugh, this sport seriously kills me!

I want to try to do a couple of shows after WEF, no way could I afford that, but we’ll see.

So cue me selling all the things!

I only have a couple of pictures right now but will be updating this post tonight.

I have an Ovation Ultra Raised Padded Fancy-Stitched bridle in a full size for sale.  Used for less then two months, and I’m an anal leather cleaner 😉 Will take more detailed photos today.  $145

Bridle worn by the beautiful Libby Loo

A bunch of different bits.

Different bits for sale.
In 5″:
Rubber Dee $5
Korsteel Loose Ring $10
Myler ported Dee w/ hooks $70
Full cheek Dr. Bristol $18
Jointed Kimberwick $18

In 5.5″:
Mullen Mouth pelham $20
Eggbutt Snaffle $18

Two thinline cotton pads in medium white.  One used, one still in package.  Used one $70, new one SOLD

Also will be selling my barely used CWD girth which is in the Tobacco color and measures close to a 55″.  Again, will have pictures of it tonight 🙂 $175

Stamped 54″


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