This week, this whole winter really, Mother nature has been all over the place.  Literally one day it’ll be 85 degrees and sunny, then for three days non-stop rain, then its in the 40’s.  The poor horses are having weather whiplash. 

 So thanks to the rain, my riding plans this past week were put on hold.  I had something super exciting planned, but of course we couldn’t do it because the ring was super soaked.  So I think I got to ride a total of three days last week. 

Went to the GP on Saturday and was able to watch Todd Minikus claim the win with his awesome chestnut mare. 

Then on Sunday Libbys’ feet were fixed, finally, and I’ve given her a couple days to get used to having real feet with normal angles again.  I swear, if any of you decide to move down to South Florida, you better have a good farrier coming with you because everyone here is terrible.  I hope my farriers apprentice will come down for me but if he doesn’t I’m back to finding someone once circuit ends. 

Monday she was a bit ouchie, and today she was as well, but much better.  Worked on just going forward from the leg and really using our corners. 

After our ride I cleaned my saddle and oiled my new schooling bridle.  A good day in my book 🙂

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